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study for geography

what is a piece of land with water on three sides? peninsula
land covers what percent of the earth? 30%
elevation is? height above sea level
the largest ocean is? Pacific ocean.
the hottest temperature was found at what lattitude line? 0 degrees
what is a GIS? Global information system.
environment natural surrondings
there are____ themes in geography 5
latitude line are lines that run? vertical
longitude are line that run? horizontal
water covers 70%
drought long time without water
northern and southern hemispheres hasve? opposite seasons
sortest day of year winter
valleys mountains plains are? landforms.
________climates are hot tropical
basin has the largest rain forest in the world Amazon
coal and oil are fossil fuels
wide spread cutting of forests deforestation
study of land and climate____ physical geography
study of culture____ human geography
somebody who studies geography__ geographers
area that shares common characteristics________ regions
three uses of geography are? land climate and culture
GPS is a? Global positioning system.
a globe is a spherical model of the earth.
the earth has____hemispheres 4
exact position of a place on the earths surface____ absolute location
a map contains a map key, scale bar, compass rose, and a title
a way of presenting information vizually graphs
graphic way of presenting information clearly charts
graph in which a symbols represent quantities pictogragh
combonation bar and line graph giving information about temperature and precipitation. climo graph
individuals make desicions about what to produce____________ market economy
government makes decitions about what to produce__________ command economy
geographers divide the world into___________regions culture
people express their culture thrugh__________ art
language- allows people to communicate
people who share a common culture/language or history- ethnic group
__________helps people answer questions about lifes meaning religion
individual who takes control of a government and rules the country as he or she wishes. dictator
a market economy is based upon free enterprise
civilizations are highly developed____________ cultures
a local form of language dialect
way of life of a group people who share similar beliefs and customs culture
an economic system sets forth rules on how goods and services are produced and___________ sold or exchanged
culture diffusion is the process of spreading______________to other cultures new knoledge and skills
largest continent Europe and Asia
highest mountian mount everest
largest lake caspian sea
longest river nile
largest freshwater lake superior
smallest continent australia
millvilles absolute location 39N 75W
Millvilles relative location is __________ of pennsylvania SE
Created by: Honda clone 6.5