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Week 13 Vocabulary

A song or poem of sorrow elegy
small micro
shorten brev
irregular or unusual anomaly
stiffly formal stilted
threadlike, gene carrying molecule composed of DNA Chromosomes
organisms that do not have a backbone invertebrates
groups of galaxies separated by large voids superclusters
state of matter without a definite shape or volume gas
the return of waves or particles from surfaces they strike reflection
a flat surface on a solid frame face
triangle that has a 90 degree angle right triangle
for the benefit of society as a whole common good
goods and services produced in one nation and sold to buyers in another nation exports
remporary rule by military authorities over civilians, as during a war, occupation, or insurrection martial law
an artistic and intellectual movement originating in Europe in the late 18th century, characterized by heightened interest in nature and individuality, and rebellion against established social rules and concentions romanticism