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QM Registry Ch.5

Processor QC

Inherent optical densities in film resulting from tint added to the base of the film and silver grains not exposed to radiation base + fog
Decrease in optical density caused by halides being deposited on trailing areas of the film during automatic processing bromide drag
How well the processing solutions perform their desired function chemical activity
Value obtained during sensitometric testing, which indicates film contrast contrast indicator
A system for loading and unloading film from image receptors outside of a darkroom daylight systems
A device for measuring the volume of liquid flowing through it flow meters
A device for measuring specific gravity hydrometer
The emitted light from its source before striking the film incident light
A variation in film quality caused by the sensitometric test film being inserted in different portions of the feed tray locational effect
The study of the relationship between the amount of radiation exposing a film and the optical density that is produced sensitometry
The step closest to 1 above the base + fog on a sensitometric test film speed indicator
A possible variable in sensitometric testing in which test films are processed at different times during the day, varying in optical density time of day variability
The amount of viewbox light that is transmitted through a film image transmitted light
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