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QM Registry Ch.3

F/S IR, Darkrooms, and Viewing Conditions

The ratio between the image contrast to the amount of image noise (both quantum mottle and/or electronic); can be used to describe image quality contrast-to-noise ratio
The ability of an imaging system to distinguish structures with similar transmission as separate entities contrast resolution
Area protected from white light where films are processed darkroom
Electronic device for measuring the optical density of a film densitometer
A graphic indication of image resolution edge spread function
The type of luminescence that is desired for use in intensifying screens because it occurs when certain crystals emit light within 10-8 seconds after being exposed to radiation fluorescence
Measurement of illuminance; lumens per square foot = foot-candles foot-candle
A measure of resolution equal to the width of an image of a line source at points where the intensity is reduced to half the maximum full-width half maximum (FWHM)
A measurement of the relative level of moisture in the air humidity
The brightness of light projected on a given surface, measured in lux or foot-candles illuminance
A measurement of intensifying screen speed intensification factor
The increase in sensitivity of a film after it has been exposed to light or ionizing radiation so that it can be as much as two to 8 times more sensitive to subsequent exposure as an unexposed film latensification
The amount of luminous intensity emitted by a source of light luminance
The emission of light resulting from x-rays exiting the patient, which energize the phosphor crystals. It can occur by one of two different processes, fluorescence or phosphorescence luminescence
A graphic or numeric indication of image resolution modulation transfer function (MTF)
A unit to measure luminance, equivalent to candela per square meter nit
The highest spatial frequency resolved by an imaging system, measured in lp/mm Nyquist frequency
A type of film that is sensitive mainly to light in the green portion of the visible light spectrum orthochromatic
A type of film that is sensitive to all wavelengths of the visible light spectrum panchromatic
Delayed emission of light--often called afterglow or lag--not desired for use in intensifying screens that occurs when certain crystals emit light sometime after 10-8 seconds after exposure to radiation phosphorescence
The study and measurement of light photometry
A graphic demonstration of image resolution point spread function
An instrument used to measure relative humidity psychrometer
Image noise caused by statistical fluctuations in the number of photons creating the image quantum mottle
A relative number indicating the speed of an intensifying screen imaging system relative speed
A light source that does not fog film safelight
The amount of light that is emitted from an intensifying screen for a given amount of x-ray exposure screen speed
An electrical device that exposes the film to a premeasured light source for quality control purposes sensitometer
Used to describe the relative contributions to a detected signal of the true signal and random superimposed signals or noise signal-to-noise ratio
A decrease in optical density with an increase in exposure. AKA image reversal solarization
The ability of an imaging process to distinguish small, adjacent, high-contrast structures in the object spatial resolution
The matching of film sensitivity with the color of light emitted by the intensifying screen spectral matching
Electrical charges created by friction, which can cause artifacts on unprocessed film static electricity
A measure of the average kinetic energy in atoms and molecules of matter temperature
A type of electromagnetic radiation in between visible light and x-rays ultraviolet radiation
The process by which air is changed into and out of a specific area ventilation
An electronic device for viewing transparency images such as radiographs viewbox illuminator
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