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QM Registry Ch.2

QM Tools and Procedures

The extent to which a measurement is close to the true value. AKA validity accuracy
Philosophy of keeping radiation exposure to a minimum as low as reasonably achievable
A causal analysis tool. AKA fishbone chart or Ishikawa diagram cause-and-effect diagram
The central position of a sample frequency central tendency
Variables that have an infinite range of mathematic values continuous variables
A modification of the trend chart in which statistically determined upper and lower control limits are placed control chart
The information or measurements that were acquired by evaluating the particular sample data set
Those variables that are observed in statistical studies to change in response to independent variables and are not controlled during the study dependent variable
Variables that have only two values or choices dichotomous variables
Measurement that incorporates the total dosage of radiation along with the area of field that is being used dose area product
A pictorial representation of the individual steps required in a process flowchart
The number of repetitions of any phenomenon within a fixed period frequency
Creates a bell-shaped curve that is continuous with both tails extending to infinity. AKA normal distribution Gaussian distribution
A data display tool in the form of a bar graph that plots the most frequent occurrence of a quantity in the center histogram
Any occurrence that is not consistent with the routine care of a patient or the normal course of events at a particular facility incident
Those that are deliberately manipulated to invoke a change on the dependent variables independent variable
Any activity that costs a facility either money or its reputation loss potential
The average set of observations mean
A point on a scale of measurement above which are exactly one half of the values and below which are the other half of the values median
The one value that occurs with the most frequency mode
A causal analysis tool that is a variation of a histogram Pareto chart
Random distribution in which the variance is equal to the mean Poisson distribution
Any group measured for some variable characteristic from which samples may be taken for statistical purposes population
Refers to an individual's state of mind that would create a desire for a particular outcome prejudice
Refers to the difference between the highest and lowest values and is a measure of the dispersion of the data distribution range
The accuracy, dependability, or validity of the data that has been collected. AKA precision reliability
The ability to identify potential risks to patients, employees, and visitors to the healthcare institution and institute processes that minimize these risks risk management
The number of items that are actually measured from a population sample
A graph that demonstrates a possible correlation between two variables scatter plot
The amount of variance in a sample standard deviation
A graph that pictorially demonstrates whether key indicators are moving up or down over a given period. AKA run chart trend chart
Evaluation of data collected over a period of time for the purpose of identifying patterns or changes trending
A numeric representation of the dispersion of data around the mean in a given sample variance
Refers to anything that would cause a process to deviate from acceptable standards variation
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