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Admin Law Chpt 1

Admin Law by Hall 3rd ed Chapter 1 study guide

A body of law that defines the powers, limitations, and procedures of administrative agencies administrative law
a statute that establishes and agency and sets forth the responsibilities and authority of that agency enabling statute
a comprehensive statute enacted in 1946 governing the procedure agencies must follow when perfoming their functions administrative procedure act
the study that focuses on agencies whose actions effect the rights of individuals administrative law
the rights of individuals civil rights
three branches of government legislative, executive and judicial
the job of government has become too large for congress, the courts and executive branch need for agencies
specialty, technical and knowledge expertise need for agencies
three main types of agencies social welfare, regulatory and public service
two catagories of agencies executive and independent
responsible for promoting the general welfare of the people social welfare agencies
responsible for providing services and cash to those who qualify for assistance social welfare agencies
responsible for prescribing or requiring certain behavior regulatory agency
responsible for determining compliance with the law and prosecuting those who violate regulatory agency
granting permission to engage in or practice certain professions, occupations or trades licensing
setting standards, administering tests, discipline licensing
provide special nonredistributive services such a research public service agencies
the authority to set the rates that may be charged by members of certain industries ratemaking
an administrative agency whose head answers to the president and may be disciplined or terminated at the president's will executive agency
an administrative agency that is to some degree independent of the president independent agency
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