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Scheduled and unscheduled on equip and off equip
cross-tells purpose Highlight trends, BENCHMARKS,
Cross-tells report background info
two major goals of IREP increase repair capability and reduce cost
three separate levels maint' org, inter, depot
back shop intermediate
complex repair at major repair facility depot
combined maint' 2LM
hybrid regional repair center
specialized regional centralized inter repair facility
lean RE21
R&M program define ID, Correct, Deficiencies
Co-chairs PIWG Single Manager
DR process ID and Submit
improves or complements CAT II
tech assit for DRs QA
cross org group lines wing instructions
Office responsible for OI OPR
civil service act as poc YES
OPR for Maintenance guidance in MXG QA
base org must coord before publish AS LRS plans function
broadly worded MOA/MOU
supply receive each other seperate agreements
flight MXG acts as POC program & resources part of MOS
modification proposal change, use, appearance of aircraft
lowest approval level mod aircraft MAJCOM
temporary modification be reapproved annually
engineering integrity fleet wide head command
aircraft configuration Actual Vs Approved
ACM Database MOF PS&D in MOS
historical doc significant maint' actions
MDS specific item managers
afto imt 95 not required access to MIS retrieve historical file
transfer of helicopter blades disposal sys
transfer of engs to & from depot facility that preserves
eng documentation used for accumulated cycles
standard AF base-level IMDS
tracks engs cems
test equip auto test equip
work center events maint' events
automates location location
replaced Maint data JDD
estimated time status and inventory
three phases operational events
forecasting TCTOs inspection and time change
monitoring and control TCTO
monitoring of manpower maint' personnel
forecast schedule training training management
order parts imds
update operating time auto debriefing
aircraft configuration generic config status
781A, J, K aircraft auto forms
MIS data integrity reviewing, daily, data entered
guides the data integrity team MOF data sys analysis
correcting data into MIS section that entered data
roadmaps management metrics been, going, get there
categories metrics divided leading and lagging
problem first leading
firmly established lagging
percentage CODE 3 break rate
deferred discrepancies DDR
repaired to flyable status fix rate
acurate measure of quality repeat/recurring
sorties or hours flown UTE rate
yardstick for units performance mission capable rate
unable to meet mission not mission capable
after landing or start recovery priority 2
scheduled maint priority 4
routine repair priority 5
change repair priority no
purpose of maint scheduling meetings mesh maint' with flying
chairs MXG maint' scheduling meeting MOF PS&D Senior Scheduler
maint' requirement impacts aircraft availability
change printed flying schedule 2407 YES
Column on MESL wartime, training, test missions BSL
MESL all systems and subsystems FSL
Responsible developing MESL airframe Each MAJCOM
safe for fight but can't perform NMC airworthy
registered in SORTs all units with PAS
unit readiness SORTS ability to undertake full mission
fundamental premise integrity
four primary areas in SORTS manning, equip and supply condition and training
routine basis report SORTS every 30 days
C-level undertake full wartime missions C-1
reporting tool consider 6 months
equal rotaional cycles SQD/Unit CC
AEF and ART reporting trained and ready for deployment
wing standup focus of meeting issues related to schedules
MXG and OG interaction participate jointly maint' flying program
FOD/DOP program manager wing vice commander
FOD/DOP program manager quarterly monthly basis chair FOD/DOP meeting
standarize maint' discipline greater interoperability quality effectiveness
establish for cann reponsibilities and actions individual procedures
orientation program MXG/CC
daily maint' production/scheduling meeting MXG/CD
SUPT advise the MXG/CC morale, problems ID'd
enlisted manning within the MXG focal point
focus of upgrade training quality not time frame
responsible for deployment readiness UDM
remedy the situation wing manpower office authorization change request
two positions same duties MOF/CC and MOF/ SUPT
maint' superintendent work for Operations officer
health of fleet MOF/CC assisted by MOF/SUPT
EOR inspections OPS officer/ mx supt
plan inputs ops officer/ mx supt
leadership, supervision, training personnel MOF/CC
job environment safety hazard may encounter
pilot reported discrepancies AMU OIC/ SUPT
plan of attack for an AMU AMU OIC or SUPT
Job of Section NCOIC First line manager
monitor, track, document safey and health 55
manage TMDE maint and calibration
AMU flightline pro super direct effort of AMU
grade requirement AMU flightline pro super SNCO or CIV equivalent
primary job MXS pro super specs, production requirements and shortfalls
expediter nofiy status change MOC and Pro supt
references facilite duties flying schedule, emergency, map
items must be tracked condition codes, munitions and fuel load
weapons expediters responsible to NCOIC armament sys, and loading operations
delivery and pickup of munitions MOC or Munitions control
specialist expediters prosup and expediter
sortie and maint' production MOC
engine health MXG/CC
Proper utilization scheduling MOF PS
mission of maint' data sys analysis track, analyze, present health
assisting sqd commanders speciality training
duplicate training taught no
programs and resources flight repsonible manning, facilities, SAs
montly SORTS reporting function central gathering SORTS data
palletizing equip logistics planner
mission of QA quality of maint'
evals PE, QVI, SI, MI
W&B scale readings verify readings overseeing
mission of AMU launch recover aircraft
sortie generation cumulative effort to launch and recover
applicable MIS discrepancy and deviation
aircraft forms set suspended Expediter or pro sup
during the debrief session new discrepancies, condition codes, time servicing
landing status code of 2 minor discrepancies but mission capable
crew chief positions DCCs, ADCCs, FCCs
months experience must a crew chief have 6 months
charge with doing to assigned aircraft managing supervising maint'
specialist section troubleshooting, repairs, classified management
promoting cross-talk info, repeat recurr and CND trends
maintaining ECS, bleed air E&E specialist
two standard elements loading and maintaining
two parts of weapons weapons loading and armament sys
key advisor factors affect weapons weapons section NCOIC
controlling access munitions loading Load crew chief
Production effort capabilities or limiting factors
deviations from maint' flying schedule 2407
review jacket file annually
two afsc series 2a and 2w
assigned to support 12 months
expediters updated on backorder parts
accessories flight e&e, egress, fuels, hydro
oxygen nitrogen carts E
explosive devices EOD
three age fligts repair and insp, servicing pickup and delivery, age support
beyond capability repair and insp
maintaning TO files Age Pro support
mission of arm flight off equipment maint, guns, launches and adaptors
distribution of 2w1x1 personnel Wings weapons manager
section coordinates arm maint
selected avionics assets tacking of failure data
LANTIRN pods sensors
performs TCTOs intermediate
make up fab flight structural, metals tech, survival, NDI
Corrosion control ASM
metals tech tasked insp, fab, heat treat, welding
rigs flight control surfaces repair & reclaimation
define transient aricraft not assigned to local and en route
maint' conventional munitions munitions production
munition flt maint' unit mobility training programs munitions sys
focal point for prop maint' program Props CC/Chief
builds up engs JEIM
support trailers eng equip maint
in-lab on site calibration PMEL
TMDE production control section customer, scheduling, traffic, liason
Ogden ALC f22, f16, a10, c130
oklahoma city bomber, fueler, navy
robins f15, c's, U2 & choppers
AF FLight Test Center research, develop, test eval
AF flight test center purpose weapons sys suitable, intendend combat missions
AAC acquistion, deployment of conventional and nuclear air delievered
Aerospace related equipment tooling, test, engs, pylons
F-4 Aircraft aerial target program
AF-wide training ETCA
accomplished at their convenience Distance learning
broadens knowledge continuation training
aircraft maintenance related specialized course communications/NAV
agency issues powerplant license FAA
maintained for MSgts and above missles or associated equipt
core tasks min task certifications
third party certs critical tasks
special cert roster high potential injury or damage
add to special cert roster 2426
no longer qualified decert and remove from list
newly assigned personnel Phase 1
mandatory TD, MTF and advanced distributed learning Lead Commands
supervisor personnel on a MDS familiarization course
IMDS as AWACT has not been performed
begin work on CDC pen and ink changes
milestones 623a
building a master training plan MTP MTL
workcenter requirement 51% or more
provide input to AETC surveys and critiques
MATAG Conference Improves readiness
manning authorizations based on primary aerospace
back up aircraft BAI assets extra aircraft with out reduction of AC avail
goal of LCOM # of man power positions necessary in AFSC
doesnt take in to account OJT, Surges, training deploy, split, exercises
manpower standard quantitative expression
manpower requirement funded or unfunded
unfunded mandate require to perform not given manpower
out of hide positions important by leadership but not validated
UMD funded and unfunded requirements
UPMR provide authorizations by workcenter
manning assist alleviate a short term
work a shift longer than 12 hours MXG/CC
shift rotation personal experience and knowledge
analysis referral ID, investigate and propose corrective action
supply support personnel MXG's
work center supply personnel tasked managing production of assets
readiness spares package prepackaged set of supplies and spare parts
two primary types of readiness spares package mobility and inplace readiness
primary operating stock day to day assets
Temporary high priority mission support kits contingency less than 90 days
annual review spares package supported with the right size RSP
purpose of bench stock quick access
stored near NO
work order residue noun, nsn, unit of issue
define shelf life amount of time before turn in unserviceable
define of hazardous materials substance toxic or flammable
primary referance spill prevention local reponse plans
lable hazmat container name, warning, safe handling
safety related info about worker 55
local manufacture of specific item 2005
local manufacture of equipment 601
not authorized in tech data MXG/CC or designated rep
general supply indoctrination Block 1
primary or alt equipt custodian block III
loaned outside 1297
voluntary payment report of survey form 1121 or 362
precious metal recovery economic recovery
collection point for XB3 DRMO
precious metal indicator codes ID items contain precious metals
repair cycle assets xd or xf
first character UJC urgency need UND
priority back orderd parts D18
DIFM delinquency D23
Due out M30
special purpose xd or xf
replacement issue or turnin 2005
SPRAM spares are reserved formal aetc instruction
special handling NSN, repair shop and frequency
requiring functional checking, calibration and flight programming every 6 months
can't be repaired locally NRTS
store classified assets file, vaults, safes
handling classified material af form 12
ensuring a secure area installation commander
provided for a fighter aircraft security response team and motorized patrol
top secret equipment installed park aircraft in a restricted area survelance
expedite supply urgent need
UND code A or B proirity 01-04
priority of 1 30 min
highest priority of expedite request micap
modification of a back order customer service at LRS
necessary space and facilities requesting organization
Supply point reconciliation LRS single point
submitted to initally stock 2005
TNB storage established awaiting installation and parts removed
TNBs arranged tail serial ID number
removed from TNB returned
two options receive defective part DR or SDR
Credit means exchange or obligated cost provided
support point assits the action
Originator in the DR discover, ID, initiate process
preferred tool for DRs DREAMS
designated focal point screening point
SDR instead of DR replacement or credit
146 days since contact Your MAJCOM
executing CANN action acceptable amount of time
before CANN documentation is initiated HIGH priority redball MX
time change item enough time is left on the part
day of the cycle 21 day
wheels must be installed antistatic non metal
radiographic inspection red rotating flashing light rope barrier
before an aircraft is jacked cautions warnings and notes
red ball maint' normally occurs attempting to leave 2 hrs prior the aircrew releases the aircraft
reaccomplished if status changes ER
while engs are running safety observer
impoundment define isolation or control of access, historical records, investigation
impoundment official MSgt civilian equivalent or above
OPR impoundment procedures QA
team of highly qualified techs impoundment official
mission of the JCAA ID, investigate, implement programs
local ASIP OI ASIP project officer
diminishing shortage of parts DMSMS
tool and equipment management eliminate FOD
Periodic inspection TO 32-1-101
MIL list of all contents of CTK
issuing tools TAS
designed locally QA
dispatchable equipment items check out w/in or outside work center
item with no FOD threat in aircraft historical file until recovered
one permanent member of MSET team other MAJCOM agencies
overall rating outstanding, excellent, satisfactory, marginal unsatisfactory
individual evals pass/fail
unit MSET rating decreased .5%
assigned to QA 36 months
personal evals standards AQLS
other than DSV chargeable to workcenter supervisor
comply with FOD all personnel
FOD prevention program manager WG/CV
chairing FOD meeting MXG/CC
FOD prevention committee meetings monthly
define dropped object aircraft part lost during aircrew operations
develop an effective DOP any that operates aircraft
investigate dropped objects DOP monitor
maint' recovery repair & successful launch other than home station launched
normal duty time for MRT 12 hours work 12 hours rest
executing successful maint recovery operation 21-101
goals of CDDAR open runway, prevent further damage, preserve evidence
develop local training MTF
cannot support heavy equipment 23-302
goal of af portal easier find info, eliminate duplication, integrate
web-based ancillary training ADLS
IMDS user manuals AFCEDS
purpose of aircraft generation execute, deploy,
flight line expert AMXS lead production super
date generation flow progress MOC SR Controller
time available complete generation process DOC statement
organize generation flow elminated waste manpower or resources
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