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K-9 Fel

Growth platelets are in the : Epiphyseal line
What are the types of bone: Short, long, flat Irregular
What are the fractures times: Incomplete, Complete, and compression A fracture with multiple pieces in the same location is called a ____ Comminuted
A break that extends completely thru the bone is a _______ Complete (transverse, comminuted)
A break that partially thru the bone: Incomplete (green stick, fissure)
If vertebrae are fx it is considered a : Compression
An open Fx is considered a _____ compound fx
A fracture that has a single break is ______ simple
A fx with more than 1 break is considered a _____ multiple fx
Bone to bone : Ligament
Bone to Muscle : Tendon
Inflammation in the bone marrow: Panosteitits
The most common skeletal muscle trauma seen : bone Fx
Classification of Fx: Type, location, position
Very small hair line fx: fissure
A closed Fx is a : simple fx
Splints should be ___ and ___ a joint between Fx points : above and below
___ wraps use excessive cotton to stabilized fx before sx: Robert jones
____ wraps are applied to fx distal to the midfemur/midhumerus : Schroeder-Thomas splint
____ are used for Multiple fx or large compound fx are : external fixators/pins
Def:ACL/CCL Cranial Cruciate ligament :
Grinding bone to bone: Crepitus
Largest sesmoid bone : Patella
Degenerative joint Dz’s: OCD and DJD
____ Is used for hip evaluations on k-9’s older than 2yrs and ___ for younger than 2 yrs: OFA- Orthopedic foundation of animal and Penn Hip
Hip dysplasia is caused by ____ and ___ and affects the ___/__ joint : multiple genes and environment factors *Acetabulum/femoral head joint
Def: OCD Osteochondritis dissecan
Def: LCP Legg calve perthes disease
LCP is most common in___ and the treatment is ___ : young small breed dogs /FHNO
___ Is most common in scapularhumeral joint and commonly have ___ associated with them : OCD / joint mice
Pano is usually seen in dogs ___ months of age and resolves in about ___ yr *6-18 months *1 yrs
___ is due to excessive trauma of the femur and luxates Cranial to dorsal Hip luxation
___ tumors are common in males >7yrs and found in the ___ radius Osteocarcomas *distal
Barium and radiographs are used to diagnose : Myopathies
Declaw removal is known as___ and is removal of the ____ Onchyectomy , P3
Created by: brit_2112