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# BAS 04 Radiology

CAT Scan Computerized Axial Tomography.
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Fluoroscopy Xray exam in real time. Body organ is displayed on a monitor for doctor to view as a surgical procedure is performed.
Professional Component Either supervision or interpretation of an Xray. (modifier -26)
Technical Component Portion of Xray exam done by technicians. Includes materials used during the procedure. Modifier -TC
Stark Law Part of the new insurance federal insurance plan. Requires doctors to refer patients to all imaging sources; not just the ones the doctor has a financial interest in.
Contrast A medium that is injected into a patient to enhance scanned or Xray images.
Modifier -51 Multiple procedures
bilateral both sides
supine lying on the back
prone lying face down
AP front (anterior) to back (posterior) path of beam
PA back to front path of beam
proximal close to
distal far from
tangental Xray beam skims the surface or edge of of the body part.
Plus code CPT code that is added to another related code.
oblique diagonal line
Multiple procedure modifier -51
Bilateral procedure modifier -50
When do you use a modifier for an Xray that requires contrast medium This is found in the CPT notes.
S&I Supervision and Interpretation, or Scanning & Imaging
dosimetry Measurement of the effects of radiation on tissues.
-26 Modifier for Professional component
-TC Modifier for Technical component
When you see "with contrast" as part of a code description you cannot charge for... contrast medium or the injection.
Interventional radiology is used for location and treatment. Here the doctor is: Both a radiologist and a surgeon
When an xray needs contrast material and the code does not have "with contrast" you can: code for the injection code for the contrast material injected
Angiograpny Xray of blood vessel
A doctor has a patient visit an xray clinic for a chest xray. The clinic does the procedure and sends the doctor the xray. What does the clinic charge for: The clinic charges for the procedure and materials required.They also need to use modifier -TC
supine lying on the back
Prone or Ventral position lying on stomach
ventral decubitus lying on stomach with Xray beam aimed at the side.
RAO right anterior oblique. Body is diagonal to beam. The beam projects back to front
LPO left posterior oblique. Body is diagonal to beam. The beam projects from front to back.
Dorsal back
What is the code for: Code for a complete chest Xray four views. Technical component only. 71030-TC
What is the code for a complete chest Xray, four views - Professional component only 71030-26
Component or combination coding A code from the Radiiology sections and a code from another section of the CPT book is required to fully describe the procedure.
position How the pt. is placed (positioned) for the Xray
projection The path of the Xray beam. Indicates the direction through the patient.
lateral to the side
right lateral pt. right side is closest to the film.
left lateral pt. left side is closest to the film.
Ventral Refers to the front. May be stated as "prone" Means that pt. is lying on stomach
Decubitus positions Recumbent (lying down) Xray beam goes into the patient's side (horizontal).
recumbent lying down.
global Both professional and technical components. No modifier is used if you code for global procedure.
-52 Modifier 52 is used to indicate less of the procedure was performed than is described by the code.
ultrasound Use of high frequency sound waves to diagnose and treat disease.
A doctor injects a contrast material into the patient. A technician takes the Xrays The doctor performs S&I for an Xray. How many codes are there? 1. code for the injection 2. One code for the global Xray (both technical and professioinal)
A CXR complete 4 views is ordered. There could only be 3 views completed. What is the code? CXR 71030 for the Xray Modifier -52 to indicated that less than 4 views were taken.
interventional radiology sub-specialty of radiology which utilizes minimally-invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system.
Created by: rjmtoss
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