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ch. 8 world geo

ch. 8 8lo

colonies territories controlled by people from a foreign land
plantations large farms that produce one major crop often for export
bilingual able to speak 2 languages
Megalopolis group of cities in the northeastern u.s. that has grown into 1 large built up area; also used to describe similar areas around the world
corn belt region of the u.s. midwest that specializes in growing corn
dairy belt region of the u.s. midwest that specializes in dairy products
wheat belt region of the u.s. interior west specializing in growing wheat
silicon valley area south of san francisco, california that became the leading center of computer technology in the u.s.
textiles cloth products
metropolitan area a city and its surrounding built up areas
arable fit for growing crops
smog air pollution resulting from chemical reactions involving sunlight and automobile and industrial exhaust
north american free trade agreement(NAFTA) agreement between canada, u.s., and mexico to eliminate tariffs on many products flowing between these 3 countries
gentrification process of buying run-down homes in older areas of a community and restoring them
superpower huge powerful country
trade deficit situation in which the value of a country's exports is less than the value of the country's imports
tariffs taxes on imports and exports
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