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Sadlier C

Unit 8

Abut v.to join at one end or be next to; to support, prop up border on, bolster (blank)
attire n. clothes, apparel, garb clothing (blank)
attire v. to dress, adorn, or bedeck (blank) (blank)
avail v.to be of use or benefit to; to make use of; to take advantage of; to profit or benefit (blank) (blank)
avail n. use, benefit, or value (blank) (blank)
crony n. a very close friend, pal, chum, buddy (blank) ant: enemy, rival
cryptic adj. puzzling, mystifying, or enigmatic (blank) ant: crystal clear, unambiguous
divergent adj. going in different directions; different from each other; departing from convention, deviant not in agreement, differing, unorthodox, unconventional ant: merging, intersecting, converging, orthodox, conventional
enmity n. hatred, ill-will syn: hostility, animosity, antagonism ant: friendship, amity
fervent adj. very earnest, emotional, passionate; extremely hot syn: enthusiastic, ardent, burning, blazing, scorching ant: blase, apathetic,restrained, emotionless
gaunt adj. thin and bony, starved looking; bare, barren lean, scrawny, lanky, all skin and bones ant: plump, chubby, stout, corpulent
infiltrate v. to pass through or gain entrance to gradually or stealthily slip into, creep into, penetrate (blank)
nullify v. to make of no value or consequence, cancel, wipe out invalidate, annul (blank)
perceptible adj. capable of bein grasped by the senses or mind noticeable, discernalbe, observable ant: invisible, unnoticeable, indescernible
plummet v. to plunge straight down take a nosedive ant: soar, skyrocket
plummet n. a weight fastened to a line (blank) (blank)
proclaim v.to declare publicly or officially announce, promulgate ant: conceal, cover up
proxy n. an agent, substituet; a written permission allowing one person to act in another's place deputy, representative (blank)
rankle v. to cause anger, irritation irritate,vex, nettle, irk, gall ant: please, delight, gratify
scavenger n. a person who collects or removes usable items from waste materials; an animal that feeds on refuse or dead bodies rummager (blank)
stint v. to limit, be sparing or frugal restrict, scrimp, economize ant: splurge, squander, lavish
stint n. a limit or restriction; a fixed share of work or duty; a period of activity (blank) (blank)
stoical adj. self-controlled, not showing feeling in response to pleasure or pain unresponsive, impassive ant: excitable, emotional, hotheaded
unflagging v.tireless,continuing with vigor steady, undiminished, unremitting ant: diminishing, drooping, sagging
Created by: KrystalMac