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Pivot Point Ch 8

Design Decisions

All of the following are considerations in design decisions EXCEPT: c.personality d.choice of music D. Choice of music
When determining body proportion,which of the following descriptions should be taken into consideration? a.neck line b.eye color color d. existing hair style D. Existing hair style
Which of the following is the standard proportion between the head and body of a woman that most artists use? a.1 to 5 b.1 to 6 c.1 to 7 d.1 to 8 C. 1 to 7
When determining facial shape , which of the following is NOT a consideration? a.analysis of the hairline b.analysis of bone structure c.analysis of the widest area d.analysis of the least dominant area D. Analysis of the least dominant area
Three-sectioning is an effective way to measure the proportions of the: a.face b.neck c.shoulders d.entire body shape A. Face
When three-sectioning the facial area, the middle or second section includes: a.forhead b.tip of the nose to the tip of the chin c.front hairline to the middle of the brow d.middle of the eyebrows to the tip on the nose D. Middle of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose
Which facial shape looks good with almost any hairstyle, length or texture? a.oval b.round c.square d. diamond A. Oval
The front hairline and jaw are almost horizontal in which facial shape? a. oval b. round c. square d. diamond C. Square
A stylist should NOT accentuate the narrowness at the temples and width at the jawline in what type of facial shape? a. pear b. heart c. square d. diamond A. Pear
Which of the following should NOT be considered if the client has a diamond facial shape? a. adding width at the jaw line b. adding width at the forehead c. adding width at the cheekbones d. using a side part and diagonal fringe C. Adding width at the cheekbones
Which of the following guidelines is true if the client has a heart facial shape? a. leave hair close at nape b. add width at the forehead c. leave fullness at the nape d. add width at the cheekbones C. Leave fullness at the nape
Which of the following describes the term "profile"? a. a view of the face from the front b. an outline of the face from the side c. an outline of the face from the back d. a view from the top of the head looking down B. An outline of the face from the side
Straight, convex and concave are terms used in design that refer to which of the following? a. profile b. hairstyle c. body shape d. facial shape A. Profile
Adding volume to the fringe area and forehead will visually shrink the length of the nose in which profile? a. curved b. convex c. straight d. concave B. Convex
A dominant, protruding forehead and chin with a small nose are characteristics of a: a. short profile b. convex profile c. straight profile d. concave profile D. Concave profile
What is true regarding design decisions about clients who wear glasses? large glasses for large face small glasses for large face c.narrow frame can add width to narrow face d.wide frame can make wide face look more slender A. Select large glasses for a large face
Hair texture refers to the feel of the hair and the hair strand: a. length b. density c. diameter d. condition C. Diameter
Which of the following terms does NOT describe hair texture? a. fine b. blond c. coarse d. medium B. Blond
What type of hair texture creates a wide silhouette and generally holds a style for a longer period of time? a. fine and straight b. curly and coarse c. medium and blond d. unactivated and straight B. Curly and coarse
Clients with light density generally won't have enough: a. activation for a blunt line b. fullness for longer designs c. closeness for low-volume styles d. good porosity for chemical services. B. Fullness for longer designs
A natural hair growth pattern determines the: a. color of the hair b. density of the hair c. condition of the hair d. angle and direction the hair grows D. Angle and direction the hair grows
A hairstyle that dos not draw attention might be preferred by which type of client? a. shy b. intense c. reserved d. energetic A. Shy
Wearing a coordinated outfit would fall into which of the following style categories? a. casual b. classic c. gamine d. romantic B. Classic
A casual and comfortable clothing style may also be described as: a. gamine b. dramatic c. low maintenance d. high maintenance C. Low maintenance
It is said that 80% of a hair designer's success is based on the ability to gain rapport and: a. form b. color c. technical skills d. communication skills D. Communication skills
Which of the following is NOT one of the three major design elements? a. form b. color c. texture d. composition D. Composition
The outline or silhouette of an object is known as: a. form b. texture c. porosity d. composition A. Form
Lines that are at a right angle to the horizon and add the visual illusion of length are called: a. curved lines b. vertical lines c. diagonal lines d. horizontal lines B. Vertical lines
Which visual illusion is created by using horizontal lines? a. width b. length c. less bulk d. less weight A. Width
Which line direction leads the eye to a focal point? a. curved b. jagged c. diagonal d. horizontal C. Diagonal
Which of the following lines would be used to soften an angular face? a. curved b. vertical c. diagonal d. horizontal A. Curved
The surface appearance of the hair identified by whether it is curly or straight, smooth or layered is called: a. form b. color c. texture d. composition C. Texture
Small texture patterns are an example of which texture speed? a. fast b. zero c. slow d. curved A. Fast
The number of textures within a hairstyle should generally be limited to: a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5 B. 3
Warm colors tend to do which of the following? a. attract the eye b. remind you of ice c. can seem gloomy d. are distant and quiet A. Attract the eye
Light colors seem to come forward while dark colors seem to: a. recede b. stand out c. move to the left d. move to the right A. Recede
A design pattern in which an element changes gradually in an ascending or descending scale is referred: a. contrast b. repetition c. alternation d. progression D. Progression
Which design principle has a pattern in which an element has a relationship of opposites that create interest, variety and excitement? a. contrast b. repetition c. alternation d. progression A. Contrast
Balance in design is identified by what following definition? a.term used to describe the speed of a hairstyle b.term used to describe the silhouette of an object c.state of equilibrium between contrasting, opposite,interacting elements in design C. A state of equilibrium between contrasting, opposite or interacting elements in the design
What type of balance is created when the weight is positioned unequally from a centre axis? a. repetition b. alternation c. symmetrical balance d. asymmetrical balance D. Asymmetrical balance
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