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unit 4

unit 4 vocab

knowledge information intangible combination of human experiences,values and understandings that provide structure for interpreting and reacting to new experiences
information gathered facts that can be easily identified,and managed
tacit knowledge knowledge that is difficult to transfer to others
explicit knowledge knowledge that can easily be transferred to others
knowledge management the process of creating,identifying and using knowledge sources for the benefit of organizations
information management accessing and processing and disseminating facts for the purpose of assisting business decision making
intellectual capital
trade secrets any confidential business info which provides an enterprise a competitive edge
inevitable disclosure legal doctrine which allows an employer to use trade secret law to enjoin a former employee from working in a job that would inevitably result in the disclosure of the employers trade secret
non-compete agreement an employee promises not to work for a direct competitor for a set time after he leasves the company
knowledge codification means converting tacit knowledge to explicit
internship system of on-the-job training for white-collar jobs
peer team
job shadow a program for students to find out what it is like to be in a specific profession
mentor a trusted counselor or guide
knowledge mapping nowledge mapping externalizes networks of cognitive relationships and renders them in graphic form
relational databases collection of data items organized in a set of formally described tables from which data can be accessed or reassembled in many different ways without having to organizing the database tables
accountability matrix table used in project management to ensure that every project element is properly assigned
intranet private computer networks within an organization
inquiry routine communication between business
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