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to love amare
to love amare
to walk ambulare
to walk ambulare
cessare to do nothing
clamare to shout
convocare to call together
dare to give
dominare to rule over
excitare to wake up
exspectare to watch out for
habitare to live in
habitare to live in
incitare to urge on
incitare to urge on
interpellare to interrupt
interpellare to interrupt
laborare to work
laborare to work
lacrimare to cry
lacrimare to cry
latrare to bark
latrare to bark
narrare to tell
narrare to tell
nacare to kill
nacare to kill
portare to carry
orecitare to read out loud
krevocare to call back
portare to carry
krogare to ask
orecitare to read out loud
salutare to greet
krevocare to call back
stare to stand
temptare to try
verberare to beat
vexare to annoy
vitare to avoid
verberare to beat
aparere to appear
vexare to annoy
cavere to be careful
vitare to avoid
discedere to go away
aparere to appear
docere to teach
cavere to be careful
gaudere to be glad
habere to have
iubere to order
manere to wait
movere to move
placere to please
ridere to laugh
solere to be accustomed to
taedere to bore
tenere to hold
terrere to terrify
timere to fear
videre to see
agere to do
arripere to grab
ascendere to climb
agere to do
cadere to fall
arripere to grab
to run
ascendere to climb
to lead
emere to buy
gemere to groan
induere to put on
mittere to send
perficere to complete
petere to seek
ponere to put
quiescere to rest
relinquere to leave behind
scribere to write
surgere to rise
tradere to hang over
trahere to drag
capere to take
fugere to flee
iacere to throw
nescire to not know
praeterire to go past
scire to know
venire to come
abesse to be away
abire to go away
esse to be
ferre to carry
ire to go
posse to be able
redire to return
ancilla female slave
water aqua
charta paper
corona crown
culpa fault
epistula letter
femina woman
fossa ditch
hour hora
pecunia money
pila ball
girl puella
rota wheel
silva forest
statue statua
tabula board
via road
country house villa
ager field
animus mind
cibus food
student discipulus
dominus master
equus horse
hortus garden
iocus joke
lupus wolf
teacher magister
nuntius messenger
boy puer
ramus branch
rivus stream
rusticus peasant
slave servus
somnus sleep
man vir
baculum stick
caelum sky
cubiculum room
donum gift
imperium command
periculum danger
sacrum sacrificial victim
vestigium footprint
tree arbor
ars skill
bos ox
carmen song
civis citizen
hospes guest
lux light
lumen light
ianitor door keeper
iter journey
mother mater
nativitas birth
nix snow
name noman
cloud nubes
weight onus
panis bread
pars part
father pater
foot pedis
princeps emperor
pulvis dust
senator senator
urbs city
voice vox
nihil nothing
i ego
tu you
nos we
vos you all
Created by: 16werkir
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