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Lord of the Flies

Stack #81400

Piggy(and glasses)-symbol intelligence
Ralph, the conch-symbol democracy, order
Simon-symbol pure goodness, "Christ Figure"
Roger-symbol evil, satan
Jack-symbol savagery,anarchy
The Island-symbol a small scale representation of the world
The "Scar"-symbol man's destruction to the earth
The Beast-symbol The evil in everyone, the dark side of human nature
Lord of the Flies- symbol The devil, great danger or evil
boat shape of island-symbol ancient civilization
current "Flowing Backwards"-symbol civilization is going backwards for the island inhabinantss
Theme of Lord of the Flies Society holds everyone together, and without these conditions, our ideals, values, and the basics of right and wrong are lost.
Which character has seizures? Simon
Who realizes first that the beast is not real? Simon
Which two characters die in the book? Simon and Piggy
How does Simon die? The other boys attack him because they think he is a beast.
How does Piggy die? He falls off castle rock when a huge boulder is launched from a "cannon" and hits him.
What does the conch allow? It allows te person holding it to talk.
Is the naval officer's term relating to the boys-"fun and games" correct? Why? No, the boys face painting and costumes are true and certainly not a game. They have become savages.
Created by: swimbabe