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Stack #81382

Impel to push or drive foward; to force, compel, or urge
insoluble not able to be solved
feasible capable of being accomplished or carried out
burly big and strong
basting to sew together with loose, temporary stitches; to moisten food with liquid
breach the act or result of breaking
mawkish slightly nauseating
animus strong dislike;hostile
divest to undress or strip; to free of, rid
hub center point
inculate to cause or influene
pernicious evil or wicked;tending to cause death or ingury
ambience a feeling or particular mood
idyllic simple or carefree;charming
halcyon rich, wealthy, prosperous
probity integrity,honesty
arrogate to attribute; to claim unwarrantably
vituperative harsh language or words
dissident someone who disagrees
corroborate give evidence for, validate or prove
innate native
mete allot;a line that indicates a boundary
juncture a point in time made crictical by circumstances
introspection to try to figure the meaning of life
erratic irregular, strange, weird
vindicate to provide justification or support for
acrimony harsh or bitter sharpness in words
etheral heavenly, light,delicate
obfuscate to confuse or bewilder
verbiage an abundance of words, exspressing with words
abase to lower physically; to lower in rank or self asteem
culpable deserving blame; a villan
convergence to meet or intersect
insolent boldly rude or disrespectful; insulting
debacle a complete failure
consensus majority opinion
vindictive revengeful
elicit to arrive at by logic; to bring out the meaning
reprisal retaliation of the enemy for injury recieved
impregnable incapable of being taken by assult
balk to check or block; to stop and refuse to go
scruple to hesitate due to your conscience
rapt transported with emotion; carried off spiritually to another place
deface to disfigure
incriminate to invlove in an accusation; cause to appear guilty
disband to break up or dissolve
imbroglio a complicated or difficult situation
umbrage the slightest indication or feeling of doubt,or hostlity
amity peaceful
aberrant deviating from what is normal
subvert to overthrow
intrinsic belonging to a thing by its very nature
insouciant carefree
Created by: swimbabe