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flash cards.

patron finaial supporter
humanism intellectual movement
humanities subjects taught in ancient Greek and Roman schools
perspective artictic technique used to give drawings/paintings a 3D effect
engraving metal plate with acid used for paintings
utopiah ideal society
idulgence a lessining of the time a soul would havce spent in purgatory
recant give up his views
predestination idea that God had a long ago determined who would gain salvation
theorcracy government run by the church leaders
annul cancel
canonized recognized as a saint
compromise acceptable middle ground
scapegoats they were blamed for others problems
ghetto seperite quarter of city
heilocenteric sun centered
hypocentric possible explanation
scientific method step by step process of discovery
gravity force that keeps the planets in their orbit around the sun
Lorenzo De' Medici organized a banking business
Francesco Petrarch early resinance hummist, he also assembled a library of Greek and Roman manuscripts
Leonardo Da Vinci made scetches of nature and of models in his studio, he also disected corpes to learn how bones and muscles work
Michelangleo a sculpture, engineer, painter, architech, and poet. Also created the statue of David
Raphael tender portrayles of the madonna, the mother of Jesus
Baldasre Castiglione he wrote the book of the Courtier, he was also well educated and mastered many feilds, from poetry, to music, to sports
Niccolo Machivelli he served Florence as a diplament and observed kings and princes in foregin courts
Nicolaus Copernicus he published the book "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres"
Johannes Kepler used Brahe's data to caluculate the orbits of the planets revolving around the sun
Galileo Galilie assembled an astronomic telescope
Francis Bacon he rejected Aristotle's scientific asuptions, he stressed experimentation and observation
Rene Descurtes he imphasised human reasoning as the best road to understanding
Issac Newton he published the book "The Mathmatical Principles of Natural Philosiphy"
Robert Boyle he distinguished between indivdual elements and chemical compounds. He explained the effect of temperature and pressure on gases
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