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RADT 456 Unit 1

ARRT registry review covering Unit 1: Patient Care and Education

Tort -Private/Civil Injustice -Reparation can be sought -Is either intentional or unintentional -Intentional-false imprisonment, assault, and battery -Unintentional/Negligent-imaging wrong patient, patient injury resulting from fall, imaging wrong body par
Assault to threaten harm -ex. radiographer threatens to repeat a difficult exam if the patient does not cooperate
Battery the carrying out of the threat to cause harm -ex. performing exam on patient who refused, treating patient roughly, or performing exam on wrong patient
False Imprisonment illegal restriction of an individual's freedom -ex. holding a patient against their will or using unauthorized restraints
Invasion of Privacy radiographer who discloses confidential information to unauthorized individuals
Libel Written Defamation Defamation - disclosure of patient information is in some way detrimental to the patient
Slander Spoken defamation Defamation - disclosure of patient information is in some way detrimental to the patient
Negligence Unintentional - Imaging wrong patient, patient injury from fall, imaging wrong body part
Respondeat Superior Let the master answer - the employer can be held liable for wrongful acts of the employee
Res Ipsa Loquitur The thing speaks for itself - If the patient is obviously injured as a result of the radiographer's actions, it becomes the radiographer's burden to disprove negligence
Airborne TB, Varicella, Rubeola
Droplet Rubella, Mumps, Influenza
Hypovolemic Shock loss of large amounts of blood from either internal bleeding or hemorrhage associated with trauma
Septic Shock classified as vasogenic shock, caused by decreased tissue perfusion and oxygen delivery as a result of severe infection and sepsis
Neurogenic Shock associated with pooling of blood in the peripheral vessels, occurs in cases of trauma to the CNS, resulting in decreased arterial resistance and pooling of blood in peripheral vessels
Cardiogenic Shock related to cardiac failure, as a result interference with heart function
Fomite A contaminated object such as a food utensil, doorknob, or IV pole
Vehicle Anything that transmits infectious microorganisms; ex. contaminated blood, water, food, and drugs
Vector An insect of animal carrier of infectious organisms, such as a rabid animal, a mosquito that carries malaria, or a tick that carries Lyme disease
Cycle of Infection 1. Infectious organism / pathogen 2. Reservoir of infection and environment for pathogen to live and multiply 3. Portal of exit from the reservoir 4. Means of transmission 5. Susceptible host 6. Portal of entry into new host
Contact Mumps, Influenza
May contain latex Disposable gloves, tourniquets, stethoscopes, IV tubing, oral and nasal airways, enema tips, ET tubes, syringes, electrode pads, catheters, wound drains, injection ports
Created by: kechambers