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Art Vocab 2/2012

Accent To show emphasis or stress and area.
Asymmetrical not balanced in an arrangement.
Bisque Clay that has been fired once but has not been glazed.
Bone dry/greenware Dry, unfired pottery
Collage A design formed by pasting various materials onto a background to create texture and surface interest.
Composition The placement of all the elements in a work of art.
Craftsmanship the quality of skill or dexterity a person exhibits in their art.
Glaze A thin coat of minerals that produces a transparent coat of glass; usually applies to bisqueware.
Kiln A special oven that can reach very high temperatures often used to fire clay.
Motif A unit that is repeated in visual rhythm; repeated design or color.
Negative Space The unused area between, within or surrounding shapes and forms in an artistic composition.
Pointillism using dots (stippling) to create value and/or blend colors within an artwork
Positive Space The enclosed area or shape.
Score To make scratches or cuts in clay to be joined together.
Sculpture Art of processing materials into works of 3D relief or in_the_round art.
Slip A liquid of finely ground clay and water used to cement pieces of clay together.
Style The specific artistic character and the dominate form. The way something was done.
Symmetrical balance achieved through the arrangement of elements in a regular pattern in which each side of a central axis is the exact reverse.
Repetition the use of the same visual elements over and over.
Stylization a simpleization to emphasize design quality.
Value Light or darkness of the surface of an area by the amount of light reflected from it.
Wedge A method of kneading clay to force out air bubbles and make it more plastic before use.
Created by: torlandi
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