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When performing CPR on an infant, the number of compressions per minute, compared to an adult? Increase
What must be included on every radiographic image? Patient name or ID# Date of exam ID of institution Anatomical marker, R or L
What is the most effective means of sterilization? Moist heat
When transferring a patient, how is the w/c positioned and which side of the patient is next to the x-ray table? Chair--parallel to x-ray table. Patient--stronger side next to the xray table.
What are the four conditions necessary for valid patient consent? Legal age Of sound mind Give consent freely Adequately informed of procedure taking place
What is an intentional tort? An act of misconduct against a another person. Ex. assault, battery, defamation, invasion of privacy, &/or false imprisonment.
What is an unintentional tort? An unintentional act of misconduct against another person. Ex. negligence, examing wrong patient, failure to ask about pregnancy, patient left alone falls from exam table, &/or a delay in diagnosis or treatment.
What are the four elements of negligent tort liability? Duty-what should have been done. Breach-stray from duty. Injury sustained. Cause-result of breach.
What document defines the radiographer's role? Pg5, Prep book ASRT--Practice Standards
What are airborne diseases and the necessary precautions? Varicella, Rubeola, TB Patient: mask, negative-pressure room Tech: N-95 respirator if patient cannot wear mask, gloves, gown if necessary
What are droplet diseases and the necessary precautions? Rubella, Mumps, Influenza Patient: mask, private room Tech: gown and gloves, mask if patient cannot wear mask, N-95 respirator for H1N1
What are contact precautions and the necessary precautions? Mumps, Influenza Patient: private room, mask Tech: gloves and gown, mask if MRSA
What are the parts of the "cycle of infections?" Reservoir Portal of Exit Susceptible Host Portal of Entry Modes of Transmission
A BE, UGI, and IVP study should be performed in what order? IVP BE UGI
When is a water-based, iodinated contrast used? Why? If there is questionable bowel perforation. In case of leaking, it readily absorbed by the body.
Distinguish between ionic and non-ionic iodinated contrast. Ionic: higher osmolality, greater chance of reaction. Non-ionic: low osmolality, less chance of reaction, less pain upon injection, more costly.
Diaphoresis, cyanosis, and dyspnea are symptoms of what? Insufficient oxygen
What is the correct treatment for extravasation into the tissues around a vein? Apply pressure to injection site. Apply a cold pack to minimize pain and further infiltration.
What is the destruction of pathogenic microorganism through the process of disinfection? Medical asepsis Ex. of disinfectants: hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, iodine, boric acid, and formaldehyde
What is the removal of all microorganisms and their spores (reproductive cells)? Surgical asepsis
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