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chapter 13 testt

the 12 member association that helps each member country import needed goods and provides a market for members surplus goods European Union
_____ proposed to more closely link Europe's coal and steel industries. This was the ______ step to a united Europe. France, first
What is the major grain crop of Europe? wheat
What is the international communication system to which many eastern and western European nations belong? Intelsat
Since eastern European nations have switched to free market economies, _____ with other nations has increased trade
Erope's TGVs are less harmful to the environment because? they are powered by electricity
What are the 2 major newspapers in Europe? the TImes of London and the LeMonde of Paris
What are upon Europe's best roads? Germany's autobahnen
switzerland is famous for its? watches and precision instruments
What is the single largest economic activity that Europeans earn a living from? farming
2 highly industrialized European countries include? the UK and Belgium
Europe is the birthplace of what? modern industry
What is a factor that makes manufacturing successful in Europe? Mineral wealth
What is the country that is prospered from banking? switzerland
Almost all of Europe's communication and transportation systems are _____ owned government
What is one of Europe's top service industries? International banking
study map p279
_____ and _____ rank among the world's leading fishing nations Denmark and Norway
Government censorship of printed material in eastern European countries has been reduced due to the growth of _____ democracy
Naples, Marseilles, and Athens are planning major new _______ sewage systems
How have economic conditions changed in Eastern Europe in recent years? ***discussion
In what ways are western European countries trying to solve pollution problems? ***discussion
At a united nations's environmental conference in Dubin, Ireland, European union representatives set goals for improving the quality of _______ Europe's waterways
the manufacture of machinery and equipment needed for factories and mines heavy industry
manufacturing aimed at making consumer gods rather than heavy machinery, such as textiles or food processing light industry
the use of natural substances to enrich the soil and grow crops rather than chemical fertilizers and pesticides organic farming
organization in which farmers share in growing and selling farm products farm cooperative
under communism, a large, state- owned farm on which farmers received wages plus a share of products and profits: also called a kholkoz collective farm
under communism, a state owned farm managed by government officials; also called a sovkhoz state farm
household goods, shoes, and clothing that individuals buy consumer goods
a tax on imports or exports tarriff
precipitation carrying large amounts of dissolved acids, especially sulfuric acid and nitric acid, which damages buildings, forests, and crops and kills wildlife acid rain
water formed by melting snow and ice meltwater
wet or dry airborne acids that fall to the earth acid deposition
person actively concerned with the quality and protection of the environment environmentalist
scientist who studies plant and animal life biologist
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