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Mr. Richey

Chapter 5 vocab

Emotional Problems Patterns of thinking of behavior that cause a person significant pain or prevent normal functioning
Schuzophrenia a mental illness, a condition of loosing touch with reality accompanied by reduced ability to function
Addiction Dependence on a substance, habit, or behavior
Eating Disorder abnormal food intake stemming from emotional causes and related to addiction
Depression the condition of feeling apathetic, hopeless, and withdrawn from others
Insomnia sleep abnormalities, including difficulty in falling asleep and wakefulness through the night
Anxiety an emotional state of high energy, with the stress response as the body's reaction to it
Post-traumatic stress disorder a reaction to stress such as wartime suffering or rape, arising after the event is over
Anxiety attack a sudden, unexplained episode of severe anxiety with symptons such as rapid heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, and nasua
Phobia an extreme irrational fear of an object or situation
Obsessive- cumpolsive disorder the uncontrollable need to perform repetitive acts
Compulsions irresistable impulses to perform senseless acts
Guilt the normal feeling that arrises from the conscience when a person acts against internal values
Shame the extreme feeling of guilt that arises when a person internalizes mistakes
Therapy any activity that has a healing- promoting effect
Prozac the brand name of one drug of a group of drugs used to restore normal brain chemistry in people with depression
Codependent a person who is so focused on the needs of others that the person's own needs are neglected
Enabling Misguided "helping"
Attention- deficit / hyperactivity disorder an inability to pay attention, often with hyperactivity and poor impulse control
Learning disorder any of a number of nerve or brain dysfunctions that interfere with normal learning
Impulse control the ability to wait and think before acting or speaking
Hyperactivity a condition of excessive activity
Created by: Kyle Klinge