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PLT & Coag terms

Clin Path

PDGF: PLT derived growth factor
Adhesion: fiborous union of tissue or organs
Aggregation: clumping of material
Aneurysm: a sac formed by localized dilation
Bleeding diathesis: predisposition to abnormal clotting
Clotting factors: blood substances that act in sequence to stop bleeding by forming a clot
coagulopathy: any condition of blood coagulation
DIC: Dissemintated intravascular coagulation
Ecchymosis: large hemorrhagic spot
Petechiae: small hemorrhagic spot
Endothelium: layer of epithelial cells
Epistaxis: nose bleed
Fibrin: Fibrous protein essential for clotting
Fibrinogen: A protein in blood plasma that is converted to fibrin by thrombin
Fibrinolysis: Breakdown of fibrin my plasmin
Hematoma: localized collection of blood
hemoptysis: coughing up of blood
Hemorrhage: excessive escape of blood
Hemostasis: stoppage/arrest of bleeding
Hyperemia: engorgement/excess of blood in a part of the body
Megakaryocyte: precursor cell of blood platelets
procoagulants: precursor of blood factors that promote coagulation.
Prothrombin: glycoprotein in the liver that is converted to thrombin in the presence of thromboplastin
Purpura: a hemorrhagic dz that causes ecchymosis and petechiae
Thrombin: an enzyme formed from prothrombin in the clotting process.
thromopoiettin: Formation/production of Platelets
Thrombus: blood clot within the vascular system
Von Willebrands factor: the carrier protein for factor VIII
Zymogen: an inactive enzyme that converts to active
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