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Mr. Bowman's terms

Mr. Bowman's ceramics terms

kiln furnace for firing clay
bisque clay which has been fired once, unglazed
foot base of a ceramic piece
ceramics art of clay
earthware clay that matures at a low temperature but remains porous
glaze glass-like coating fusion bonded to a ceramic surface by heat
flux a substance which promotes the melting of silica in a glaze
stilt a ceramic tripod used to support glazed ware in a kiln during firing
slip suspension of glaze materials in water
cone small triangle made of cermic materials that are compound to bend and melt at specific temperatures. Serves as time'temperature indicator of heat work in a kiln
kaolin the anglicized form of the Chinese term for clay.
glaze fire a cycle during which glaze materials are heated sufficiently to melt and form a glassy surface coating when cooled
leater-hard the condition of raw clay ware when most of the moisture has evaporated leaving it still soft enough to be carved or joined to other pieces
raku a technique of rapidly firing low temperature glazed bisque ware
underglaze a colored decoration applied on raw or bisque ware before the glaze is applied
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