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Mental Health 9

Study Guide for freshmen first semester

What hormone elevates blood pressure, causes sweating, and pupils to dialate? adrenaline
chemical messengers neurotransmitters
neurotransmitter responsible for mood and memory serotonin
neurotransmitter responsible for calming one down after the 'fight or flight' serotonin
neurotransmitter responsible for feeling pleasure dopamine
driven, motivated, impatient, competative are adjectives for this personality type Type A
What personality type likes small book clubs, movies,and working alone. Introvert
This personality type needs other's approval, enjoys large parties and has many friends Extrovert
Personality type described as laid-back, relaxed, friendly and maybe a little lazy. Type B
What are some actions one can take if they think someone may be suicidal? List three Listen, not judge, ask questions, tolerate their feelings, get them help
What is the type of stress that is motivating and healthy? Eustress
Alarm reaction stage of the stress response fight or flight
Your cup is half empty describes what type of personality? pessimist
Anger Style- bury their anger, blame themselves, conflict avoider stuffer
anger style- this person does not take credit for why they are angry blamer
expresses anger indirectly, gossip and rumors trianlger
passive-aggresive anger style withdrawer
expresses anger through violence exploder
Emotional quotients- persistence and optimism even in the face of setbacks motivation
Emotional quotient- know what you feel and use those emotions to make decisions self-awareness
Emotional quotients- controlling your emotions and having anger that is appropriate. Management of feelings
Emotional quotient- Managing your relationships and interacting smoothly with others Social skills
Emotional quotient-Reading and responding to unspoken feelings Empathy
Present in the feeding and sleeping of animals, patterns including human beings. Circadian rhythm
What does sleep do for our health? Repairs our Body / Brain Allows memory Retention
Neurotransmitters that have a large role in sleep are what? Serotonin - slows down the stress response so one can relax Norepinephrine - slow down the body to sleep and speeds up when body needs to wake.
Two Types of Sleep NREM: Non-Rapid Eye Movement stages 1-4 REM: Rapid Eye Movement stage 5
What are some signs of sleep deprivation? slow reaction time lack of concentration (trouble learning) increase sensitivity to pain blurred vision perceptual difficulties depression increase in moodiness anxiety insomnia
When it comes to our mental Health, exercise reduces: anxiety depression negative mood
When it comes to our mental Health, exercise improves: self-esteem cognitive function. low self-esteem social withdrawal
Research indicates that health complex carbohydrates and other health nutrients help with the development of what neurotransmitters? nor-epinephrine serotonin dopamin
Created by: nschuett
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