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chapter 3 vocabulary

hearing and trying to understand and remember a message active listening
hearing and understanding a message but not trying to remember the message in the long term casual listening
a disagreement or quarrel conflict
hearing and judging the importance or accuracy of what a speaker is saying evaluative listening
showing excitement or a lively interest enthusiasm
being supportive, helpful or kind friendliness
the use of your arms and hands to express an idea or feeling gestures
listening to obtain specific information or understand a message informative listening
providing guidance andf inducing others to act leadership
messages sent without or in addition to words nonverbal communication
nonverbal symbols, such as voice pitch, rate of speech, laughing and sighing paralanguage
the nearby area around a person or the area the person considers his or her territory personal space
the way a person stands or sits posture
hearing, understanding, and restating the speaker's messgae reflective listening
belief in yourself and your abilities self-confidence
beiung open and genuine or earnest sincerity
the interaction og people or things that creates or accomplishes more than the sum of the individual efforts or parts synergy
two or more people acting together to achieve a goal teamwork
a group whose members do not share a physical workspace but work together using communications technology,such as telephone and email virtual team
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