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terms wk 1


Pharmacist one who is licensed to prepare and dispence medication, counsel patients, and monitor outcomes pursuant to a perscription from a licensed health care professional
Pharmacy Technician an individual working in a pharmacy who, under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, assists in activities not requiring the professional judgment of a pharmacist
Pharmaceutical care aa philosophy of care that expanded the pharmacist's role to include appropriate medication use to achieve positive outcomes with perscribed drug therapy
Pharmacology the science of drugs and their interactions with the system of living animals
Pharmacokinetics the activity of a drug within the body over a period of time; includes absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination
Chain Pharmacy a community pharmacy that consists of several similar pharmacies in the region (or nation) thatr the corpoately owned
Mail order pharmacy a alrge volume centralized pharmacy operation that uses automation to fill and mail prescriptions to the patient
Nuclear pharmacy a pharmacy that prepares and distributes radioactive pharmaceuticals to treat and diagnose disease
Brand name the name under which the manufacturer markets a drug; also known as a trade name
Generic name a common name that is given to a drug regardless of brand name; sometimes denotes a drug that is not protected by a trademark. For example: acetaminophen is the generic for tylenol.
Formulary a list of drugs that have been preapproved for use by a committee of health professionals; used in hospitals, in managed care and by many insurance providers
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) HMO; organizations synonomous with managed care
Pharmaceutis the study of the release characteristics of specific drug dose forms
Controlled Substances drugs with potential for abuse; organized into five schedules that specify the way the drug must be stored, dispensed, recorded, and inventoried
Over the counter drug a drug sold without a perscription
Legend drug drug thst requires a prescription to dispence
Drug a medical substance or remedy used to change the way a living organism function; also called a medication
Package insert an information sheet required by the FDA and approved by a drug manufacturer that includes information on the product's identification and uses, dose, contraindications and warnings, as well as side effects and adverse reactions
Child resistant container special lids attached to prescription vials or bottles to prevent child access and reduce accidental poisonings; by definition, cannot be opened by 80% of children but can be opened by 90% of adults
Orphan drug a medication approved by the FDA to treat rare diseases
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