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Computers vocabulary

Expedition 6 Journeys 1

genius great natural talent or ability
pursue to try to achieve; to seek
technology the use of scientific knowledge to build or make something
excel to do better than others
device a tool or machine used for a particular task
version a particular form of something
commit to do or perform
complicated made up of many different but related parts
illogical not following the rules of logic, or sound reasoning; not logical
routine usual; ordinary
assembly the putting together of something
irregular not even or regular in shape or form; not regular
assortment collection of different kinds
efficient able to achieve something without a waste of time or energy
category a group of things, actions, or people that have something in common
flexible able to change or bend
accuracy correctness
remit to send money as payment
audience people gathered to see or hear something
animated made from a series of drawings or images that are shown rapidly one after the other
sequence in order; one after another
illustrate to explain or show using pictures
reveal to show or make known
dimension a measurement in one or more directions
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