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LPC Eventing Lesson

Carrot Toss

Drug Testing Horses or ponies competing at a licensed competition are subject to examination: physical, urine, and/or blood tests, etc..
Ground Jury Responsible individual(s) for the judging of the event and settling of all problems. President of the Ground Jury is typically an Eventing Judge.
Time Fault When the rider exceeds the optimum time or exceeds the time limit = points off or elimination in the case of time limit.
Unauthorized Assistance When anyone intervenes between the start and finish with the objective of helping the competitor or horse
Run Out When a horse escapes the control of its rider and avoids an obstacle
TPR Temperature, pulse & respiration
Combined Test 2 distinct tests where the rider and horse compete together: for example, dressage & SJ, or 2 separate cross country runs, etc
Medical Arm Band Required to be worn on arm for XC & SJ at USEA recognized HT. Must have current “card” for the year in the holder.
Three-Day Event Competition comprised of 3 distinct tests: Dressage; Cross Country with 4 phases: Road & Tracks, Steeplechase & Cross Country; and Show Jumping
Obstacle This refers to the jumps or ditches or any other “challenges” that a rider is expected to pass through or over on the course. They are marked by flags.
Speed Fault When a competitor exceeds the speed fault time = penalty points
Fall off Horse When the shoulder & quarters of a horse have touched the ground or obstacle
Refusal When a horse halts in front of an obstacle
Vet Box An area where a rider reports as they finish an Eventing Rally in order to check the condition of the horse and start the initial cooling of the horse.
SJ Show Jump phase: Horses show their suppleness, obedience and jumping ability
XC Cross Country phase: Horses follow a cross-country course with obstacles to prove speed, endurance & jumping ability
T.D. Technical Delegate – inspects & approves courses, conducts briefings investigates inquiries
BN Beginner Novice level – Introductory level for rider and horse
N Novice level – a continuing introduction to horse trials after some experience
T Training level- An elementary examination of the rider and horse with some experience & training
P Preliminary Level-a moderate test of riders and horses in a regular training program preparing to for higher levels
mpm Meters per minute – the measurement of pace used in horse trials
Horse Trial Horse trial comprises 3 distinct tests, usually taking 1-2 days. Includes dressage, cross-country, & show jumping
Vest A body protecting vest; must be worn in the cross country test
Created by: lszeto14
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