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Chorus Mid-Term

Music Vocabulary from "Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine"

Rubato "Robbed Time" - speed up and slow down the rhythm.
Molto Much
Espressivo Expressively
"p" or piano Softly
Fermata Pause, wait
Con With
Moto Motion, moving forward
Poco a poco Little by Little
Accel or Accelerando Gradually speed up
Rit or Ritard or Ritardano Gradually slow down
Misterioso Mysteriously
Allargando Gradually broader and slower, majestically
A Tempo Back to the original speed
Piu More
Mosso Movement or speed
Fuoco, or Con Fuoco Fire, or with fire
Allegro Quickly
Con urgenza With urgency
Dolce Sweetly
Appassionato Passionately
"pp" or pianissimo Very Softly
"sfz" or sforzando "Forcing", sing with sudden strength, emphasis
Sim. or Simile Continue in the same way, with the same pattern
"f" or forte Loudly or strong
Dim. or Diminuendo Gradually get softer
Teneramente Tenderly
Al Niente To nothing
"m" or Mezzo Medium, moderately
Created by: MrsMcAllen