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What is the capital of Albania? Tirane
What is the capital of Estonia? Tallinn
What is the capital of Bulgaria? Sofia
What is the capital of Russia? Moscow
What is the capital of Malta? Valetta
What is the capitol of Portugal? Lisbon
What 2 countries are located in Italy itself? San Marino and Vatican City
Godiva comes from what western European country? Belgium
This western European country is located above Belgium Netherlands
This river in France runs right through Paris Saine river
Portugal and _____ are a peninsula Spain
True or False Malta is an island TRUE!!!!
The first olympics were shown here Greece
The three Baltic States are??? Lithuania,Latvia,and Estonia
This country invented Skype Estonia
This is the largest country in the world Russia
To see gigantic fish you must got to Belarus and the border of Ukraine
This place is below the baltic states and is owned by Russia Kalingrad
You are in Stuttgart and want to go to Germany STAY!
You are in Macedonia and want to go to Crete south
You are in Riga and want to go to minsk south
You are in Helsinki and want to go to Oslo west
You're in Vienna and want to go to Chesnauu east
I'm in Naples and want to go to Italy Stay
This is the largest inland body of water Caspian Sea
Ikea originated from ___ Sweden
This country was mad that Montenegro got it's independence so now this country is landlocked Serbia
This is the only place located on 2 continents Istambul
This bay is north and touches Spain and Portugal Bay of Biscay
This is the poorest country in the world Mali
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