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Early Events

Bunker Hill -the rebels bombarded the town/British ships i the harbor -went to Breed's Hill(closer to British troops), not Bunker Hill -the British took attack on the Charles River && then the hills -British got the hill, with 1,054 people killed/wounded
Capture of For Ticonderoga -Ethan Allen && captain Benedict Arnold of the Connecticut militia leg Green Mountain Boys of Vermont to Fort Ticonderoga -not many British Troops were at the fort -Green Mt. Boys captured the fort -78 pieces of heavy artillery 59 cannons found
American Invasion of Canada -General Richard Montgomery led patriots to attack Canada -they wanted British to defend Canada && lead them away from New England -Montgomery captured Montreal -Benedict joined Montgomery for attack on Quebec (betrayed Americans)
Intolerable Act -a series of laws passed by British continental -- September 1774
Quartering Act March, 1765, required colonial authorities to house British Troops
Boston Port Bill June 1774, closed the Port of Boston to all colonists until the damages were paid for
Administration of Justice Act May 1774 British officials could not be tried in provincial courts or capital crimes
Massachusetts Government Act May 1774 allowed British governor complete control of town meetings
Quebec Act May 1774 Extended the Canadian borders to cut off the western colonies of Connecticut, mass, and Virginia.
Lexington && Concord - two lanterns hanging from a church informed the country side that the British were going to attack by sea -colonial militias -- a body of citizens enrolled for military service -minutemen -- selected members who could be ready to fight in minutes
Second Continental Congress -continental army -- leader was George Washington -Olive Branch Petition -- a direct appeal to the king
British Evacuate Boston march 7th -- General Howe decided to evacuate Boston
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