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Vocab Test

Stage Business Actions or behaviors used to clarify a character or the environment
Dialogue The words spoken by actors during a play
Mime Stylized actions without words. Usually preformed in dark clothing and white make-up.
Role A part written by the playwright
Comedy A funny play
Comedy example Whose Line is it Anyway?
Melodrama A play which the plot is highly suspenseful
Melodrama example The Book of Three
Farce An exaggerated comedy based on humorous and physical jokes
Farce example Talledaga Nights
Blocking Pattern actors follow in moving around on stage
Focus Point of concentration for actors
Prop An item that is small enough to be carried around on stage by an actor
Monologue When one actor speaks for and extended time
Pantomime A play where props are not present but the actions suggest that they are
Character An actor creates this based on a role they have been given to preform
Set The scenery and furniture used during a play
Backstage The area behind the stage. The sides of backstage are called wings
Tragedy A play involving suffering and sometimes death
Tragedy example Romeo and Juliet
Three Quarter Turn When the actor faces the audience on an angle so that they may be more clearly seen
Conflict -
Stage Direction -
Breaking the Fourth Wall -
Serio-Comic A story that is both happy and sad at the same time
Serio-Comic example Uptown Girls, Pursuit of Happyness
Created by: bwood