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Geo Migration

Everything about migration

Migration the movement of humans, animals, or things from one place to another
Forced Migration a mass movement of people leave their homes against their will
Mass Migration the movement of large numbers of people out of an area over a fairly short time period (for example, the flow of people out Europe after the world wars)
Migrant Worker a worker who travels from one country to another for seasonal or even longer periods of employment
Point System a method used by governments to access a potential immigrant's sustainability uses different measures such as family ties
Preferred Treatment people who have a family ties established in a country are given are given preference over immigrants who do not have family ties
Refugee Status a level of recognition given to people who claim on entering a country; after government officials hear their case, a decision is made whether to grant or not to grant refugee status
Squatter Settlement a makeshift community, often on public lands in or around large cities, where people gather and live in poor conditions
First Migrations occurred in Central Africa
North American Migrations Europeans 1820-1920 Japanese 1870-1910 Slaves from Africa taken to Americas 1500-1850 Chinese migrate to America from 1860-1950
Two Greatest Push Factors Drought, War
Push Factors Drought War Poverty Overcrowded Religious Persecution Natural Disasters Protest Fear of loss of wealth
Social Push Factors war (Kosovo)
Social Pull Factors family (after war), better education
Economic Push factors jobs (lack of employment) (migrant workers)
Economic Pull Factors jobs (better opportunities, pay)
Political Push Factors persecution because of religion , persecution because of skin colour, nationality, and language
Political Pull Factors same religion, multicultural, accepting, equal rights, same language, having rights and freedom
Immigrate to come a country
Emigrate to leave a country
Culture is way of life; it is shared by a group of people
Two Important Parts Of Culture Language and religion
Melting Pot encouragement of a country to change your ethnic background for the country's culture
Mosaic encouragement of a country to keep their ethnic background to have a diverse country
Assimilation the result of one country changing to fit, or be more like, another
Cultural Diffusion the peaceful spreading of cultural ideas from one group to another
Mainstream Population the major cultural group in a society; in Ontario, the mainstream population has been white and Protestant, but that is changing
Racism hostile discrimination against people based on their ethnicity
Xenophobia fear of strangers; particularly, a mistrust of people who look and act differently
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