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Art exam

Line Line- a mark that spans a distance between two points; made by moving path
Space Space- Surface area, positive and negative
Color Color- pertains to the use of hue; value or intensity
Form Form- created with the help of shading, height, depth, width
Value Value- refers to the use of light and dark and shade/highlight
Shape Shape- pertains to the use of areas in 2d space
Texture Texture- the quality of a surface and how an object feels or appears to feel
linear line straight line
Curvilinear Line curved; S shape
organic shape/form Organic Shape/Form: those with natural look, no precise angles; free form; (pear shape)
ometric shape/form Geometric Shape/Form: shape of an object located in some space, has precise angles; angles in specific form; everyday shapes
proportion Proportion: relative size, size in proportion to something else
movement Movement: appearance or allusion of motion
economy Economy: overall organization of the elements
emphasis Emphasis: exaggeration of a specific element
harmony Harmony: visual similarities with other elements
variety Variety: differences with other elements
balanec Balance: one piece isn't over powered by another
rhythme Rhythm: pattern or repetition in the arrangement of elements
planographic Planographic: grease pencil;
relief Relief: woodcut with cutting tools; ink on surface; what we made
intaglio Intaglio: etching and engraving; ink into gouges and wiped away from surfaces
stencil/screen. who? Stencil/Screen: like Andy Warhol's art; creating a stencil and inking the entire area
construction Construction: using raw materials to build a sculpture
subtraction Subtraction: taking away unwanted when making a form
manipulation Manipulation: Using pliable materials and reshape and reform to create
full round Full Round: something that looks nice from every angle
relief Relief: only looks good from one angle
Planographic Planographic: grease pencil;
Created by: Ktfic