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Psych Unit 6

Vocab From Study Guide

Encoding by use of repetition Rehearsal
You remember things important to you Meaningful encoding
Any kind of memory aid Mnemonic device
encoding by grouping like things together chunking
either iconic or echoic, visual iconic
either iconic or echoic, auditory echoic
why you cant remember the stuff from when you weren't paying attention encoding failure
when you only pay attention to certain stimulants selective attention
capacity of STM 5-9 items
retrieval, vivid details flashbulb memory
we gloss over the unimportant and can only recall important events Rosy retrospection
why you do better on multiple choice tests recognition
you remember things when you are in the same mood as when you experienced them mood-congruent
giving a little info to get the rest priming
you remember things in order method of loci
Elizabeth lotus- memories can be influences memory construction
memories are promoted by context context effects
I've seen this all before deja vu
get someone to remember something retrieval cues
when memories are influenced by things heard or read etc false memories
better to study over time, many days spacing effect
first and last are best remembered serial positioning effect
Freud, you cant cope w/ a memory repression
first makes it hard to remember second proactive interference
second makes it hard to remember first retroactive
neuro connections weaken if not used long-term potention
drinking this prevents encoding and storage alcohol
the increased memory epinephrine
this is responsible for new memories hippocampus
this guy thought we learned as a reaction to a behavior skinner
this guy thought nature gives u a tool kit whorf
you gotta learn a language before puberty critical period
the study of meaning semantics
grammar syntax
smallest part of word w/ meaning (can be a suffix) morphemes
smallest sound in words phonemes
all morphemes lexicon
ex: i flyed the plane overgeneralization
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