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geograpy essay words

vocab essay words

climate the term used for the weather patterns that an area or region typically experiences over a long period of time.
erosion the process by which the surface of the earth is worn away by the action of water, glaciers, wind, waves, etc.
latitude the angular distance N to S from the equator of a point on the earths surface, measured on the meridian of the point
geography science that studies the lands, features, inhabitants and phenomena of earth.
hemisphere a half of the celestial sphere as divided into halves by the horizon, the celestial equator or the ecliptic.
atmosphere the whole mass of air surrounding the earth
mantle a thick of mostly solid rock beneath the earth crust that surround the earths core.
weather the state of the atmosphere
renewable replaces
geology a scientific study of the orgin, history and structure of the earth
longitude a angular distance measured E or W from the prime meridian
core the direct center of the earth
acid rain acid precipitation falling as rain
deciduous not lasting
natural vegetation the group of plants which has developed in an area without human interference.
solstice the highest point or culmination
crust the outer shell of the earth including the continents and the ocean floor
mechanical weathering the actual breaking up or physical weakening of rock by forces such as ice and roots
environment a physical conditions of the natural surroundings
functional region places connected by movements for example rail system
chemical weathering a process by which the actual chemical structure of rock is changed usually when water and carbon dioxide causes breakdown of the rock
equinox either of the 2 times each year when day and night are of nearly equal length
formal region places that have similar attributes
culture a way of life that distiguishes a people
monotheism the belief in one God
demography the study of human populations
diffusion process of spreading cultural traits from society to society
census the systematic counting of a population
suburb residential area
rural countryside
urbanization the growth of city populations
caste system a society hierarchy in which a person possesses a distinct rank in society that is determined by birth
indigenous native to or living naturally in an area or environment
population density average number of people living in a given area
homogeneous identical
absolute location the position on the earth in which a place can be found.
megalopolis a very large city; a region made up of several large cities and their surrounding areas, considered to be a single urban complex
mulatto a person of mixed ancestry
bayou a marshy inlet or outlet of a lake or river
monsoon a seasonal shift in the prevailing winds that influences large climate regions.
tundra a region where temperatures are always cool or cold and only specialized plants can grow.
isthmus a narrow strip of land having water on each side and joining two larger bodies of land
mestizo a person of mixed european and native american heritage
archipelago a group of islands
cash crop a farm crop grown for sale and profit
permafrost a layer of soil just below the earths surface that stays permenately frozen
savanna a tropical grassland with scattered trees located in the warm lands nearest the equator
peninsula a strip of land that juts out into an ocean
sovereignty a countries freedom and power to decide on policies and actions
anarchy political disorder and violence lawlessness
nationalism devotion to the interests or culture of a nation; the desire for national independence to promote a common culture or interests
democracy a system of government in which the people are invested with the power to choose their leaders and elected representatives, and determine government policy based on the will of the majority
inflation a sharp, widespread rise in prices
subsistence farming farming that provides only enough for the needs of a family or a village
authoritarian descriptive of a system of government in which one person, perhaps a dictator, holds all political power
boycott to refuse to purchase, sell, or use a product or service as an expression of disapproval
monarchy a system of authoritarian government headed by a monarch a king, queen shah or sultan whose position is usually inherited
barter the exchange of goods without money
communism a system of government in which the government controls the means of production determining what goods will be make how much workers will be paid and how much items will cost
embargo a severe restriction of trade with other countries
dictatorship a system of government in which absolute power is held by one person
mixed economy a system combining different degrees of government regulations
recession an extended decline in general business activity
infrastructure an underlying foundation; the basic support facilities of a country, such as roads and bridges, power plants, and schools
capitalism descriptive of an economic system in which the means of production are controlled by private individuals or corporations; also called a market economy in which people, as consumers, help determine what will be produced by buying or not buying certain prod
migrant worker a worker who travels from place to place working where extra help is needed to cultivate or harvest crops
tariff a duty or tax imposes by a government on imported goods
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