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abby test


Lego Gather
Scribo Write
Ventus Wind
Finitimus Neighbor
Committo Join together
Proelium committo Begin battle
Propero Hurry
Appello Call, name
Periculum Danger
Miser, misera, miserum Unhappy, poor
Amitto Let go, lose
Inimicus Unfriendly
Absum Be away
Nosco Learn
Procedo Go forward, advance
Produco Lead out
Retineo Hold back, keep
Integer Fresh, whole
Cupio Desire, wish, want
Dimitto Let go, send away
Dubito Hesitate, doubt
Porta Gate
Discedo Go away, depart
Iubeo Order
Recipio Take back, recover
Redigo Drive back, reduce
Removeo Remove, move back
Beneficium Kindness, benefit
Exemplum Example
Egregius Distinguished, excellent
Propono Put forward, offer
Suspicio Take up, start
Liberi Children
Superbia Pride, arrogance
Primus First
Adsum Be present, near
Educo Lead out
Interficio Kill
Permitto Allow, entrust
Remaneo Stay behind, remain
Diligentia Diligence
Ludus Game, play, show, school
Do Give
Submitto Let down, furnish
Peto Seek, ask
Sustineo Hold up
Conservo Save, preserve
Intermitto Stop, interrupt
Obtineo Hold, obtain
Permoveo Move (deeply), upset
Modus Manner, way
Cogo Drive together, collect
Moneo Remind, warn
Created by: pritch20