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Unit 4 Europe

Spalding Academy 9th Grade 2011

Society based on equality in which workers would control industrial production Communism
Local form of a language used in a particular place or by a certain group Dialect
Large blankets of earth and stone that hold back water Dike
The expelling from a country or killing or rival ethnic groups Ethnic cleansing
An organization whose goal is to unite Europe so that goods, services, and workers can move freely among member countries European Union
Organization in which farmers share in growing and selling farm products Farm cooperative
Long, steep-sided glacial valley now filled by seawater Fjord
Foods whose genes have been altered to make them grow bigger or faster or more resistant to pests Genetically modified food
The manufacture of machinery and equipment needed for factories and mines Heavy industry
Manufacturing aimed at making consumer goods such as textiles or food processing rather than heavy machinery Light industry
The use of natural substances rather than chemical fertilizers and pesticides to enrich the soil and grow crops Organic farming
Permanently frozen layer of soil beneath the surface of the ground Permafrost
One who flees his or her home for safety Refugee
A payment for damages Reparations
Hot desert wind than can blow air and dust from North America to western Europe’s Mediterranean coast Sirocco
Label the following: North Sea, English Channel, Mediterranean Sea, Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavian Peninsula, Alps, North European Plain, Danube River, Rhine River, Thames River (See physical map)
Which country has the highest population? Germany (82 million)
Which country has the lowest population? Vatican City (1,000)
Which country has the largest area? Ukraine (233, 000)
Which country has the smallest area? Vatican City (.2)
Which country has the highest literacy rate? Andorra, Finland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Vatican City (100%)
Which country has the lowest literacy rate? Malta (92%)
Name the religions of two different countries. Austria (Catholic) and Macedonia (Macedonian Orthodox)
Name the languages of two different countries. Latvia (Latvian) and Belgium (Flemish)
Put the following in chronological order: Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Cold War, Crusades, Enlightenment, EU, Industrial Revolution, Reformation, Renaissance, WWI, WWII Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Crusades, Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, WWI, WWII, Cold War, EU
Which of the following is the general climate type of Northern Europe? Humid Continental
Name the major physical feature of Northern Europe plains
What languages is the most spoken in Northern Europe? Germanic
What common cultural and geographic features aided in the formation of the EU? Should Turkey be part of the EU? Cultural: language, religion, history, education, democracy, market economies, Geographic: fertile land, lots of natural resources, access to waterways.
What has contributed to the rapid rise of urbanization of Europe? Industrial Revolution drew millions of people to cities in search of work (Answers will vary)
Why does Eastern Europe have higher levels of industrial pollution than Western Europe? A legacy of more than 50 yrs of environmental neglect by communist leaders
How does Europe's network of rivers and canals contribute to industrial development in the region? Danube and Rhine can accommodate large barges/ships. Links to North and Black Sea provide important trade outlets for cities and industries
Why have people migrated to Europe from various parts of the world? To find good jobs and have a higher quality of life
Created by: rejoyce431