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30 SA OC AT Reg Extr

final exam words

Bikini Atoll the isolated reef, located in the Marshall Islands of the central Pacific, that was the site of U.S. nuclear bomb tests, consequently cataminating the atoll with high levels of radiation and driving it's habitants away
Agriculture SEA has the greatest diversities of vegetation in any region, evergreen & decidious trees, Oceania does not have a diverse vegetation - have poor soil & little rain
Outrigger Canoe a small ship used in the lagoons of islands where Pacific Islanders settled
Population most people that settled in the Pacific came from SEA, used stars as guide to navigation & charts and small rafts
Rabbits Europeans brought rabbits to Australia, Thomas A. released 24 rabbits to hunt & the rabbit population grew faster than ever, killed crops & vegetation, imported foxes to prey on the rabbits, build fence,goverment killed all rabbits
Oceania the group of islands in the Pacific, including Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia, no one knows how many islands there are b/c some vanish and some are created
Wellington the capital of New Zealand
Christchurch one of the main cities of New Zealand
Southern Alps. 300 mi mountain range located in South Island, New Zealand which contains 16 peaks over 10,000 ft high and more than 360 glaciers and several rivers flow east
Great Barrier Reef A 1250 mi chain of more than 2500 reefs and islands along Australia's northeast coast, containing some 400 species of coral, often called world's largest coral reef
High Islands Pacific island created by volcanoes
Voyaging Canoes a large ship developed by Pacific Islanders to sail the ocean, able to carry a lot of weight, sails took advange of winds
Atoll A ringike coral isaland or string of small islands surrounding a lagoon
Ring of Fire the chain of volcanoes that lines the Pacific Rim, many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes happen in this region
Icecap Antartica climate area is an icecap
Atomic Testing US chose Bikini for testing b/c it's far from shipping and air travel routes, moved habitants away, many of these testings caused to contaminate the entire area with high levels of radiation and many islanders became injured or ill
Australia flattest continent, few rivers, moderate (very hot) climates, marine west coast climate, 1/3 is desert, rich in minerals- world's leading supplier of diamods, opals, lead, coal, bauxite
Tasman Sea located to the north of New Zealand
Pegasus Bay located east of the South Island of New Zealand
New Zealand has 2 main islands, North&South, few mineral resources, has marine west coast climate, receives year-round rainfall, North has fertile farmland,
Outback the dry, unpopulated inland region of Australia, receive medical care from the Royal Flying Doctor Service
Low Islands Pacific Islands made of coral reefs
Created by: DanielaCavallo