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C22 SA Rel, Poli,Oil

final exam words

Islam monotheistic religion based on the teachings of Muhammad, united the people of the Arabian Peninsula, Muslim armies spread Islam all over SA
Mecca the holiest city of Islam, located in Saudi arabia, where people make pilgrimages to fulfill Islamic religious duty
OPEC the Organization of Petroleum exporting Countries, a group established in 1960 by some oil-producign nations to coordiante policies on selling petroleum products, purpose is to help members control worldwide oil prices by adjusting oil prices
Zionism a movement that began in the 19th century to create and support a Jewish homeland in Palestine
Western Wall for Jews, the holiest site in Jerusalem, the only remaining portion of the Second Temple, also called the Wailing wall
Theocracy a form of goverment in ehich religious leaders control the goverment, relying on religious law and consultation with religious scholars, modern nation Iran
Muhammad the founder and a prophet of Islam, who lived part of hsi life in the city of Mecca.
Dome of the Rock a shrine in Jerusalem, locates on the Temple Mount, which house the spot where Muslims believe Muhammad rose into heaven and where Jews believe Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac to God.
PLO a group formed in the 1960s to regain the Arab land in Israel for Palestinian Arabs
Kurds an ethnic group in SA that has occupied Turkey, Iran, Iraq & who have been involved in clashes with these three countries over land claims for most of the 20th c.
Created by: DanielaCavallo