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21 SA Har & Ar Land

final exam words

Rub al-Khali one of the largest sandy deserts in the world located in the Arabian Peninsula, also known as the Empty Quarter (place where no one comes out), reaching high temps
Oasis a place where water from an aquifer has reached the surface, it supports vegetation and wildlife
Salt flat flat land made of chemical salts that remain after winds evaporate the moisture in the soil.
Oil has been a great advantage for SA, make SA a very important region economically, during the 1800s there was a great desire for oil leading to the first oil discovery in SA in 1908 Persia.
Golan Heights a hilly plateau over looking the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee, also called Al Jawlan, landform's strategic location has made it the site of conflict in SA for decades & it's one of the landforms that divede the region.
Climates Zones mostly Desert, Semiarid, Mediterranean
Steppe the term used for the temperate grassland region
Dead Sea a landlocked salt lake between Isarael and Jordan that is so salty nothing can live in it's waters, it's the lowest place on the exposed crust of the earth
Refinery a place where crude oil is converted into useful products, it helps to the transportation of oil
Farming citru fruits, olives, & vegetables, heavy irrigation in the summer farmers grow crops year round, major human-environment interation
Created by: DanielaCavallo