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Laubusch WI Chap 9

Wisconsin Chapter 9 Vocabulary

To fill with intense fear and shock. Horrify
An American navy base that was bombed in 1941. Pearl Harbor
A time when there are very few jobs and people are very poor. Depression
A system of government in which the government-not the people-owns and runs all property and businesses. Communism
A ruler who has all of the power. Dictator
He was a pilot during WWII from Wisconsin, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Richard Bong
A period of dry weather. Drought
He believed the Germans were better than other people. Adolf Hitler
This law gave women the right to vote. 19th Amendment
Against the law. Illegal
Grew up in Appleton, WI, was a magician, known for his escape tricks. Harry Houdini
Roosevelt’s idea to help people during the Depression. New Deal
The right to vote. Suffrage
Longest war in our history, lasted over 10 years. Vietnam War
African Americans moved from the South to cities in the North. Great Migration
It was illegal to make or sell alcohol. Prohibition
He led a march in Washington that spoke out against the unfair treatment of black people. Martin Luther King, Jr.
A new type of music that was popular in the 1920’s. Jazz
Laws used to keep white people separate from black people. Jim Crow Laws
To separate by race. Segregate
Women who cut their hair short and wore shorter dresses. Flappers
Governor of Wisconsin during the Depression. Wanted to make things easier for people in Wisconsin. Philip LaFollette
A horrible prison camp for Germany’s prisoners during World War II. Concentration Camp
A gathering where people speak out against something. Protest
Attacked Catholics, Jews, immigrants, and especially African Americans. Ku Klux Klan
President during the Depression, he helped create many jobs. Franklin Roosevelt
He fought in WWII on the island of Iwo Jima. He wrote a book about what the war was really like. James Bradley
He fought to end segregation in Milwaukee. He was a white Catholic priest from Bay View. Fr. James Groppi
She grew up in Milwaukee, but moved to Palestine where she became a political leader. Golda Meir
Created by: blaubusch