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Hala's vocab


Tuft Clumps of something
Implore To Beg
clenched to grip tightly
subside to sink
indignant mad or angry
sullen sad
elude to escape or avoid
hue shade of a color
hesitation to pause
hastily in a hurry
stricken to be overcome by emotion
rumble a fight between gangs
muffle to lessen a sound
incredulous hard to believe
hoodlum a thug
elite considered to be best
gallant brave or noble
reeling to sway or stagger as if drunk
sophisticated mature or grown up
tension stress
rank bad smell
aloof not care
reputation how others view you
sympathetic to care
madras light cotton printed shirt
suspicious questionable behavior
quiver to shake or tremble slightly
editorial an article stating opinion
rivalry competition
Created by: 123luv