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Intro to web design

the code used to create all web pages hypertext markup language
a group of formatting instructions that enable you to easily apply formats to specific items on your web pages. controls the "lock" of the element CSS
A dreamweaver panel that displays properties for the currently selected object property inspector
a toolbar in dreamweaver that shows categories from which to insert objects into a web page insert bar
A collection of web pages and other objects such as images that are linked to create a resource about a specific subject Website
program that enables a user to view and move amound pages on the world wide web browser
the first page of a website homepage
an automated process that provides steps for setting up your website in dreamweaver fefore you begin working Site Definition wizard
a characteristic that is applied to an HTML tag Attribute
HTML tag used to indicate the end of an element closing tag
the view in dreamweaver that shows the HTML code view
the document window in dreamweaver that shows the page similar to how it will look in the browser design view
the of an HTML tag the first word following the bracket element
section of your code that contains important information needed to display your page such as the title, character set, keywords, meta tags, and CSS Head
words that describe your site content added to a meta tag keywords
HTML tag that starts a new line without leaving a space between paragraphs line break
HTML tag that identigies the start of a new element opening tag
special symbols like the copyright symbol HTML entities
collection of font that can be applied to texr on a website font family
kind of font in which strokes appear at the end of characters serif
kind of font in which strokes do nmot appear at the end of chartecers Sans Serif
another name for a web page address URL
simple graphic used to denote items in a unordered list bullet
Also called a numbered list... ordered list
also called a bulleted list.. unordered list
link that includes the complete path name in the URL absolute lunk
connection between pages in the same file or different files link
location on a webpage that is used for links on the same page. also called a bookmark named anchor
link within a site that does not include the domain link relative link
diagram that shows you the file structure of your site and emables you to identify any broken links site map
lines added as a design element to a page horizontal rule
a panel in the files panel group that displays items such as images, colors, URLs, templetes, and other objects assests panel
image on your website that has multiple links to other pages or documents image map
region on an image map that provides a link to another web page Hot spot
A set of links to pages in a website Navigation bar
effect created by specifying two images, one of which loads with the page and the other that displays when the mouse rolls over Rollover image
in a template, an area that an author can change in a page which uses the template Editable Region
collection of formats and page elements that can be created and used to give pages in a website a consistent look. template
the intersection of a row and column in a table cell
the space outside the border of a section or object margin
the space between the border and content of a section or object padding
processing of combining several cells to create one larger cell merge cells
method trandfering files to and from the internet FTP
changing the size of an object by removing uneeded parts of the image crop
reducing the size of images so that your web page will load quickly while displaying the highest possible quality optimize
individuak dots that naje up a bitmapped image pixels
number of dotsper linear unit of measurment resolution
one image stacked on top of another layers
color used in the intetior of a shape fill
transparency level of the selected object opacity
outline of an object including characteristics such as weight, color, style, and more stroke
common color model used in web designs encompassing six numbers or letters hexadecimal
enhancements you can add to graphics in image editing such as neon glow, blur, torn edges, etc filters
enhancements you can add to graphics to create drop shadows, strokes, color overlays, gradient overlays layer effect
selection tool that selects matching pixels of similar color based on a tolerance setting magic wand
object that influences the display of other objects viewing of images GIF
file format well suited for web graphics such as phtotos JPG
file format used by photoshop that maintains the separete layers of an image PSD
body { Tag
.imgright class
#footer{ ID
../ go back in files
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