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Social Studies1.

The Revolutionary War

What was the first battle of The Revoutionary War? Battle of Lexington and Concord
What treaty was used for the last battle of the Revolutionary war? Treaty of Pairs 1783
what was the turning point? Battle of Saratoga
What is a Torie? One sided with the british during the revolutionary war. Known as Loyalists.
What is a Whig? One who favored independence from Great Britian. Known as Patriots.
What is the stamp act? Placed a tax on sugar, molasses, and other products shipped to the colonies.
What was the reason for issuing the Proclamation of 1763? Britian doesn't want colonistto get into conflicts with native americans. Angered colonists because they wanted to move into the ohio river. They ignore the law.
What was the Townshend Act? Devised by the kings finance minister, Charles Townshend, these acts suspended New York's assembly until they agreed to quarter British troops and placed duties on items such as glass, paper, paint, lead, and tea.
What was the Quartering Act? Cost saving measure tthat required the colonies to quarter or house British soliders and provide them with supplies.
What was the Boston Masssacre? A dash between British soliders and boston colonists in 1770, which five of the colonists including Crispus Attucks was killed.
What was the first and last battles of the Revolutionary War? First: Battle of Lexington and Conord Last: Battle of Yorktown
What does May 20, 1775 mean? Mecklenburg Resolves. When Mecklenburg was free and independent.
What does April 12, 1776 mean? Halifax REsolves, went to provincial congress authorized the delegates to the contenental congress to seek independence.
What was the Boston Tea party? The Sons of Liberty took over teh ships & dumped all the tea into the harbor because they diddn't want to pay the taxes on tea.
Who wrote the Decloration of Independence and what does it say about a person's natural rights? Thomas Jefferson-There rights life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness responsibility of the goverment to protect those rights.
What County in N.C. was known as a "hornets nest" for tories? Mecklenburg
Patriot- someone who is against Britian movement
Whig- Patriot
Torie- Loyalist
Loyalist- someone who is loyal to Britan during American Revolutionary War
What were Committees of Saftey? Provide order and goverment in each county in N.C. during the Revolutionary war
What was the Confiscation Act? If you didnt weasr an oath of allegiance to the new state you could have property taken away.
What was the Provincial Congress set up in N.C. ? Because Josiah Martin tried to shut down the assembly, So John Harrey said that they will just meet somewhere else and be called the Provincial Congress.
Who were the Sons of Liberty? They were Patriots who protested against Britian control.
What style of fighting uses a hit and run and ambush attaks to suprise an enemey? Guerilla Warefare
What role did the Continental Congress play during the Revolutionary era? if they should adopt the Declaration of Independence.
Who was the leader of the Contenintal Army? George Washington
What's the main reason for the colonist's protests against new Britan policies prior to the Revolutionary War? Beacause of the taxes. (Acts) the British gave them because they were taking their rights away.
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