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stems voc.

anti against
epi on,aside,among
eu good,pleasing
ex out
intra/intro into,within
macro large
micro small
peri around
pseudo false
super over,above
ad to,toward
bi two
cata down
de away from,down
mal bad
omni all
under below
arch rule
auto self
cycle circle
bio life
ethno race,culture
graph write
phone sound
photo light
port carry
tele far
demo(s) people
logy study of
ec/eco environment
gen birth,origin
meter measure
mono one
phyt plant
proto first
scope look
zo/zoa animal
astro star
chron time
helio sun
hetro different
homo same
neo new
paleo old
syn/sym with,together
cide kill
crop/corpus body
cred believe
dorm sleep
frater brother
mar/mari sea
mater/matri mother
mut change
pater/patri father
ver true
rupt break
sol sun
stella star
temp time
voc call
poly many
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