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abnormal psych


The Five Axis of DSM-IV 1. Clinical Disorders - depression + anxiety 2. Personality, retardation 3. General Medical Conditions 4. Antisocial 5. Global Assessment of functioning
Delusional Disorder elderly - individuals develop beliefs that are false but not pizarre may develop deeply held suspicions of persecution irritable angry and depressed
Dissociative disorders leading cognitive disorders among elderly persons are delirium and dementia
Delirium clouding of consciousness sequence of thought misinterpretation
Dementia experience significant memory losses along with losses in other cognitive functions such as abstrct thinking or language also undergo personality changes worsen steadily
neurofibrillary tangles twisted protein fibers form within certain brain cells as people age. Excesive - Alzheimer patients
vascular dementia (aka multi-infarct dementia follow cerebrovascular accident or stroke blood flows to specific area of brain
Pick's disease rare disorder affects frontal and temporal lobes similar to alzheimers distinguished often include spasms of the body
Huntington's disease personality changes memory problems inherent and progressive movement problems twisting and spasms
Forensic psychology branch of psychology concerned with intersections between psychological practice and research and the judicial system. also realted to the field of forensic psychiatry
Criminal Commitment legal process people accused crime instead judged mentally unstable and sent to mental health facility for treatment
nM'Naghten Test widely used legal test for insantity holds people to be insant time they committed a crime if beacuse of mental disorder, they did not know the nature of the act or did not know right from wrong
Irresistible Impulse Test uncontrollable fit of passion
Durham test test for insanity holds peoplle to be insant at the time they commited crime if their act ws the result of a mental disorder or defect
American Law institute test legal test insanity people insant time commited time because mental disorder did not know right from wrong or could not resist an uncontrollable impulse to act
Ethical principles guide mental heath professionals 1. psychologist are permitted to offer advice 2. Psychologists may not conduct fraudulent research, plagiarize the work of others, or publish false data 3. Psychologists must acknowledge their limitations 4. Psychologists who make evaluation and
oppositional defiant disorder often hostile ignore adult rules and requests
Paranoid disorder rigid patern of inner experience and outward behavior ddiffers from cultural expectations
paranoid personality disorder pattern distrust and suspicion of others
schizoid personality disorder avoid social relationships and demonstrate little inthe way of emotion loners little interest sexual relationships
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