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Geography Rev TF

Study for geography finals

What is farming carried out mainly to provide food for farm families with little to sell? Substance farming
What is the precise poine were a place is located on Earth? Absolute location
What is a severe storm with high winds that spirals around a calm center? Tropical cyclone
What is something that encourages people to move to a new place? Pull factor
What is the number of people who live in a unit of area, such as a square mile? Population density
What is a force that unites people and countries? Centripetal force
What is an area defined by one or more natural or cultural characteristics that set it apart from other areas? Region
What is using recources is ways that meet the needs of people today without hurting the ability of future generations to meet their own needs? Sustanibale development
What is a warm ocean current that flows off the west coast of South America every few years? El Nino
What is something found in or living in a city? Urban
What is the proces by which carbon and oxygen cycle among plants, people, animals, and the enviorment? Carbon Oxygen cycle
What is the name of all the feeding relations within an ecocystem? Food web
What is the using of goods and srevices? Consumption
What is a geologic region that is well suited for permanent settlment by people? Ecumene
What is the constant flow of migrants from one country into another country? Migration stream
What is a force that divides people and countries? Centrifugal force
What is a group of countries that acts as a single market, withaout trade barriersbetween memboring countries? Common market
What is the removing or clearing away the trees from an area? Deforestation
What is it to move from a country? Emigrate
What is a wealthy countrie with an advanced economy? Developed country
What is a poorer country with a less advanced economy? Developing country
What is a form of international cooperation in which countries give up some control of their affairs as they work together to achieve shared goals? Supernational cooperation
What is a severeor unusual weather conditions, such as a hurricane, a tornadoe, or a blizzard? Extreme weather
What is the total value ao a good and service produced in a country in a year? Gross Domestic Product
What is the name of all the plants and trees in an area Vegetation
What is something found in an areas that aren't close to cities? Rural
What is the worsoning economic conditions in the country side, including rising unemployment and growing poverty? Rural decline
What is a society in which different cultural groups keeping their own identity, beliefs, and traditions? Plural society
Who are people native of an area who have been conqured or dominated by other who came later? Indigenous peoples
What is a change in the shape, size, or postion of a place when it is shown on a map? Distortion
What is a place that is located in relation to another place? Relative location
What is it called to move to a country? Immigrate
What is a braoadleaf evergreen forest found in wet and hot regions near the equator? Tropical rainforest
What is a way of representing the spherical Earth on a flat surface? Map projection
What is the scientific study of climate and weather patterns? Meteorology
Who is someone that seeks safty by going to another country? Refugee
What is the movment of people from rural areas to urban areas, cousing a groth in urban area? Urbanization
What is something that encourages people to leave a place behind? Push factor
What is a community of all the living things in an area and the enviorment in which they live? Ecosystem
What is a sieries of plants and animals, each of which depends on the one below it for food? Food chain
What is something made up water that is fresh, not salty? Fresh water
What is a geologic area that includes all the land and waterways that drain into a body of water? Watershed
What is the unequal distrubution of whealth of resources in a geolgic area, so that some areas are richer than others? Spatial inequality
What is the variety of plants and animals living in an area? Biodeversity
What is by or for each person? Pre capita
What is great destruction or loss of life caused by natural forces? Natural disaster
What is a map that shows a particular theme or topic? Thematic map
What are the customes and ways of life handed down from ancestors? Traditinal culture
What is a change in a way of life to suite new conditions? Adaptations
What is the overall level of comfort and well being of a group or a country? Standard of living
Created by: wolf0531
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