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Drafting I - Dimensioning rules

The MINIMUM amount of space between two, ADJACENT DIMENSION lines is: .250" (6mm)
Dimensioning standards in the United States are established by: ANSI
What type of dimensions is when All are read from the bottom of the drawing? UNIDIRECTIONAL
How many times should a hole size be stated on a drawing? Once
A thin line that extends from a note to where it applies is a/an: Leader line
What is the length to width ratio of arrowheads? 3 : 1
Dimension lines are what line weight? Thin and dark.
The MINIMUM amount of space between a dimension line and the object being dimensioned is: .375" (10mm)
What is the standard length for arrowheads? .125 (3mm)
Leaders and dimension lines most often terminate (end) with a/an: Arrowhead
Extension lines are drawn what line weight? Thin and dark
The preferred ANSI standard for dimensioning mechanical drawings is: Unidirectional
Leader lines can be drawn any angle except: Horizontally or vertically
Another name for SIZE DESCRIPTION is: Dimensioning
A thin, solid line extending from a note and terminated with an arrowhead is a/an: Leader
Current dimensioning practices require the DIAMETER symbol be: A circle with a slash extending through it
The dimensioning SYMBOLS for arcs and circles should be given where? In front of the numerical value
When a hole does NOT go fully through the object, you must state its size and: Depth
Avoid dimensioning to: Hidden lines
The MOST important rule in dimensioning is to: Maintain clarity
The size of an ARC is typically specified by its: Radius
CIRCLE SIZE is specified by: Diameter
Dimensions should be placed: Attached to the view that most clearly describes the part
"2X" on a hole note means: There are two holes the same size
A properly dimensioned object will include: The location and size of all features
EXTENSION lines should have a small gap where? between its end and the object
Engineering drawings dimensioned with METRIC measurements will use: Millimeters
Created by: pweavil